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Huntington POV Explained

Here at the Huntington POV section, there are certain questions that arise over and over. How does one get published? Who chooses the articles? Does The VT have an agenda? And, of course, why was my submission rejected?

Our neighbors shape Huntington POV. We look for articles that cover subjects and make arguments that have not been articulated elsewhere in our editorial space.

Our decisions about which essays to publish aren’t governed by a need for editorial variety alone. Among other things, we look for timeliness, ingenuity, strength of argument, freshness of opinion, clear writing and newsworthiness. Personal experiences and first-person narrative can be great, particularly when they’re in service to a larger idea. So is humor, when it’s funny.

More about the process: First, no article is guaranteed publication. Everything is written on spec. This applies to all articles, even those we commission. (Huntington POV is not a one-way street. We have been known to call up people and invite them to write for us.)

Are there guidelines for submitting an article? You bet. Shoot for about 750 words — though it’s worth remembering that some terrific and influential pieces have been as short as 300 words. Move quickly; the news does. Write the article the way you’d like to write it — not the way you think The VT wants you to write it. Make one argument thoroughly, point by point; the more detail the better. If you try to do too much, you can wind up with an article that, in striving to say everything, ends up saying nothing.

Also, you shouldn’t feel that you have to rely on the written word alone. Maybe your point is expressed best in a chart, a graphic, an annotated illustration or a series of photographs. We’re open to just about anything, so long as it’s acceptable in a community news site.

A few other guidelines: Submissions must be exclusive. If you want us to consider your work, please send it here first. We don’t publish articles that have appeared in other American publications, and we rarely publish reprints of any kind.

Finally, if these guidelines sound familiar maybe you’re a contributor to the New York Times – we borrowed liberally from their Op-Ed submission policy.  Send your submissions to

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