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The Seeds of Anarchy

This is an op/ed piece. It’s not just news.

First of all, full disclosure: I have no political affiliation. I resigned my Republican Party registration in 1967 after serving for two years as a US Army Military Police officer during the Viet Nam War. I’ve remained politically unaffiliated ever since.

My lack of party registration allows me to vote for people and principles; not parties and politics.  Over the last few decades I have cast my ballot for candidates on both sides of the aisle and have learned to live with election outcomes, regardless of who wins.

I drive an old Ford pick up truck. Sure, I could afford a better vehicle, but considering how I load it with mulch, pile it high with firewood, fill it will tools and generally mistreat it, I’m reluctant to put it out to pasture. Besides, getting rid of it would mean giving up my famous tailgate graphics.

You’ve probably seen it in Town. Here’s a photo:

I am not a blind Trump follower. I see his faults, but I also see his successes and, in light of the achievements he’s had over the last 31 months, I am a supporter.

I know there are others in Town who don’t agree with my position. But, with the exception of a scrape across my Ford’s tailgate graphics, I’ve had very little difficulty with my position. In fact, I get far more “thumbs up” than other, less appreciative hand signals!

Until last Thursday . . . . . . .

Business meetings and interviews for some news research that I am doing took me to Florida for the day. Eschewing the automobile congestion at JFK, I took the 5:08AM LIRR train from Huntington to Jamaica and a 7:25AM JetBlue trip, returning on the 7:36PM flight to Kennedy. I ultimately arrived back in Huntington around 11:40PM. Long day, indeed.

As I got into my trusty old Ford, I noticed that my EZ Pass had dislodged from the windshield and was resting comfortably on the front seat. Then I noticed that my windshield had been smashed pretty badly, too. Here’s a photo:

I called SCPD from my cell phone and received a pretty quick response from Second Precinct officers. They looked at the ruined windshield; examined my car’s position and concluded (as did I) that the damage was very likely neither accidental nor random. Someone didn’t like my support for our president and had intentionally shattered my windshield.

In a free and open society, we can neither tolerate nor condone fascist behavior. Fascism–silencing honest and legitimate dissent–was the very foundation of Krystal Nacht. Fascism ran rampant in the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations; fascism raised its ugly head in Portland, Oregon, over this past weekend when demonstrators assaulted people who avowed dissenting opinions.

There are security cameras in Whitman Village co-ops. They overlook the LIRR parking lot on Railroad Street and Route 110. One of them was pointed directly at my truck. Here’s a photo:

The culprit will be caught. I learned enough as a Military Police officer to track him (her?) down.

But the sad commentary is not that the windshield on my old Ford was damaged.

The REALLY sad observation is that someone in our beautiful community would stoop to anarchism, sabotage, and property destruction for political revenge.

As we get closer to the 2020 presidential elections let’s remember that at the end of the campaign, we are ALL Americans.




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