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Centerporters Rally Against 7-11

At its peak, Centerport Harbor Civic Association and Bald Eagles of Huntington boasted nearly 50 demonstrators braving the cold and wind to show their displeasure with the proposed 7-11.

“Yond Cassius over there has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Men like him are dangerous.” —Julius Caesar; Act I Scene1

Nearly 50 Centerport residents braved cold temperatures and brisk winds on Saturday to demonstrate against a 7-11 proposed for their hamlet at the intersection of Route25A and Little Neck Road. Currently occupied by a former automobile repair station, the property has been not been in operation for nearly a decade.

Organized by Centerport Harbor Civic Association, the group contends that the proposal would, among myriad other problems, create safety hazards with increased traffic and dangerous turns along Route 25A.

Supported by members of Bald Eagles of Centerport, the assembly voiced additional concerns that the location infers 24-hour activity, intense lighting, night-time truck deliveries and choking vehicle pollution.;- all elements that threaten the presence of Centerport’s first known bald eagle nest in many years.

Town of Huntington records show that the developers are seeking variances for their proposal. The Zoning Board of Appeals will hear comments in an upcoming meeting.

Follow the discussions on the Facebook pages of Centerport Harbor Civic Association and Bald Eagles of Huntington


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