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Free Quik Ride Shuttle Open to Public and Village Employees

Two of Huntington’s Qwik Ride shuttles.

A ribbon-cutting will be held today for Huntington’s Free Qwik Ride Shuttle, which will be open to the public as well as village employees. The primary aim of the shuttle, which is paid for by advertising on the vehicle, is to have village employees park in remote lots on the outskirts of Town to free up parking for customers and restaurant patrons. The Qwik Ride shuttle service expands upon and is offered in addition to The Paramount’s mandatory private employee shuttle program, which has been in effect for over a year and a half and frees up anywhere from 30-50 parking spots in the village on show nights, as their employees are required to park at Town Hall. The first wave of restaurants committing to support the new Qwik Ride village employee parking initiative include: Almarco Italian Grill; Christopher’s; Honu Kitchen & Cocktails; Jonathan’s Ristorante; Kashi Japanese; Meehan’s; Neraki; New York Panini; Old Fields Barbecue.

The Qwik Ride shuttle service is launching with five electric air-conditioned/heated vehicles with TVs, sound systems and lighting. The vehicles can be charged at either of two charging stations at Town Hall or the three charging stations located at The Paramount.

The free app-based shuttle service will run year-round, daily from 3:30 PM through midnight Sunday through Wednesday and 3:30 PM through 4:00 AM Thursday through Saturday. The shuttle will make stops at the municipal parking lots located at Town Hall and near Prime in Halesite, and Rite Aid and Besito in Huntington Village, as well as requests for pick up at other village locations all through the Qwik Ride app.

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