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NYPD Sgt. Tuozzolo’s Family Honored by Greenlawn Fire Department

Photo by Steve Silverman

The family of NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo of Greenlawn who was killed in the Line of Duty last November, was honored as the Grand Marshals at the Greenlawn Fire Department annual parade on Thursday, August 31, 2017. The officer’s wife, Lisa Tuozzolo and sons Joseph, 4, and Austin 5, led the parade with the boys riding in an antique Cadillac convertible driven by Greenlawn firefighter Joe Tavernese who owns the classic car.

Pictured from left are NYPD Officer Rich Wecera, Greenlawn Fire Department 1st Assistant Chief Joe Costanza, Chief Mike Bellis, Lisa Tuozzolo and sons Joseph, 4, and Austin, 5, 2nd Assistant Chief Angelo Santomauro, 3rd Assistant Chief Pete Miller, and NYPD Lieut. Manny Kwo.


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