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Merry Christmas from Village Tattler: Santa Claus Visits Asharoken Village

Photo by Steve Silverman.

Photo by Steve Silverman.

Asharoken got into the holiday spirit as Santa Claus arrived for a visit at Asharoken Village Hall, where he spread holiday greetings and hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho’s” to all.  Santa and Mrs. Claus were greeted by Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica and Village Trustees as he arrived on his sleigh from the North Pole with the assistance of the Northport Fire Department.  Santa was warmly welcomed by Village officials, police, residents, and lots of happy wide-eyed children. Santa and his helpers distributed plenty of cookies, oranges, lollipops, and candy-filled stockings. Visitors were also treated to an excellent performance by the A Capella group Valence, which sang popular music and holiday carols.


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