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Son Arrested and Charged for Mother’s Death in Cold Spring Harbor

Denis Cullen arrested and charged for murder

Denis Cullen Jr. was arrested and charged with Murder 2nd degree for killing his mother Elizabeth Cullen.

UPDATE: Denis D. Cullen Jr., 23, of 70 White Hill Road, Cold Spring Harbor, was arrested and charged with Murder 2nd Degree for killing his mother Elizabeth Cullen, on August 17.

 Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives are investigating an incident in which a woman was found dead outside her Cold Spring Harbor home.

Elizabeth Cullen was found by Lloyd Harbor Police officers after they received a request to check on her welfare at her residence at 70 White Hill Road. Cullen, 63, was found in the back yard. Lloyd Harbor Police contacted Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives to conduct an investigation. Homicide Squad detectives suspect Cullen had been intentionally drowned.

The investigation is continuing.

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