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7th Annual Huntington Station Spring Cleanup

We invite you to chronicle the BEST part of Huntington Station – it’s HEART!!
People of all ages will be working together with love and pride for their community. As they pick up litter and debris, and sweep away the remnants of winter from our sidewalks, new growth springs to life. Strangers become neighbors, neighbors become friends, and the wall between “resident” and “official” fades away as we polish our town side by side, sharing stories and making memories…which EXACTLY captures the spirit of the woman who inspired the gathering, Dr. Lehti Laas-Ramos’ mother who picked up the trash and greeted her neighbors every day as she walked to church at St. Hugh’s.
This event started as a handful of Dr. Laas-Ramos’ friends, and has grown exponentially each year as the word spreads – last year there were 125 participants! THIS is Huntington Station at it’s most magnificent – picking up the old discarded pieces together, while creating something brand new and inspiring.
Come be a part of the celebration.
Saturday, April 16th, from 10am2pm (includes free lunch)
Meet at: 1399 New York Avenue, Huntington Station (across the street from A.L. Jacobsen’s Funeral Home)
WHAT: Cleaning up New York Avenue and Depot Road in Huntington Station
Participants receive: a free t-shirt, drinks and treats throughout the day from 7-11, and free lunch from Guiseppe’s Pizza and Pasta (a slice of pizza and a small drink)
*Mister Softee will be available with ice cream for purchase*
BRING WORK GLOVES IF YOU HAVE THEM, otherwise we can loan you some.
Coordinated by: Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter, Huntington Matters, Huntington Station Happy Helpers (Dr. Laas-Ramos), Huntington Station Business Improvement District, and 7-11
For questions regarding this event, please call June Margolin at 631-495-1331. See you there!

June Margolin
Huntington Matters

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