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Dix Hills FD Handles School Bus Crash 

Photo: Dix Hills FD

Photo: Dix Hills FD

The Dix Hills Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident involving a school bus and a car on Deer Park Avenue and MacNiece Place, on Thursday, March 17, 2016, at about 11:50 am. Four people suffered injuries including two students on the bus and both drivers. Dix Hills FD Rescue Squad ambulances transported two students and the bus driver to Good Samaritan Hospital. The driver of the car was taken to Southside Hospital. Dix Hills Fire/Rescue personnel were on the scene with three ambulances, an engine, heavy rescue truck, first responder and paramedic units, under the command of Captain Tony deCesare. The school bus involved was from the Wyandanch School District.

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