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Halesite FD Battles House Fire

Halesite, NY: On the afternoon of Sunday February 14, 2016, Halesite Fire Department was called by 911 dispatcher with a report of a bedroom fire on Cove Road in Halesite.  The fire was advanced and vented upon arrival, with fire extending to the front and back of the building and also to the second floor.  While the fire is still under investigation, preliminary information points to a candle that started the fire.  Five residents evacuated from the home and two were transported by Halesite FD Rescue to Huntington Hospital.  Approximately 50 firefighters battled the blaze in extreme sub-freezing temperatures and provided rescue efforts led by Chief Greg Colonna, and Assistant Chiefs James Magerle and Dominic Spada.  Mutual Aid fire was requested from Huntington and Centerport Fire Departments, and Mutual Aid Rescue was provided by Northport Fire Department.  Huntington Manor Fire Department stood-by at Halesite’s headquarters along with Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department Rescue.

Chief Colonna is working with Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, who reached out to his family regarding requests for donations of items for the displaced family.  Chief Colonna’s request has made it’s way from Facebook and email to the newsletter subscribers to most of the Huntington community.  Halesite FD Headquarters has a collection box located inside the front door for those interested in donating to the family.  The drive will continue through Friday February 19th.

Thank you for your support.

Be Safe,

Greg Colonna


Halesite Fire Department

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Photos provided by Halesite Fire Dept.

Steve Silverman

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