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Fitness Challenge at Huntington’s Only Spin Fitness Studio

photo 1-4The bite-sized Snickers bars are behind us (time to toss the secret stash in the freezer), but we all know the real gluttony still lies ahead – mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole AND stuffing? REALLY?!? Studies show that the 1-2 lbs. the average person gains during the holidays STAY WITH US ALL YEAR!!!  Let’s keep it in check this season. No matter how you slice the pumpkin pie, you will be increasing your calorie consumption so you need to increase the BURN!  We challenge you to BREAKAWAY from tradition and stay Hot for the Holidays with our 6-week Fitness Challenge.
Here’s how it works:
Start date: November 16
End date: December 28
You will receive points for each class you attend during those six weeks and the 3 participants with the most points will be awarded prizes! 
CYCLE CLASS (express OR AAA included) – 1 point
STRENGTH CLASS (pedal pump, TRX, circuit or sculpt) – 2 points
45 minutes personal training (small group or one on one) – 5 points
Prizes include FREE classes, FREE personal training sessions,  FREE fit
Breakaway is located at 7B Green Street in Huntington village. Please call 631-271-0078 for more information or visit

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