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It Can Wait: Dangers of Distracted Driving

In a combined effort with AT&T, Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci (R, C, I – South Huntington) recently visited Walt Whitman High School to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. It Can Wait, the third annual event bringing awareness to texting and driving, was attended by hundreds of students, administrators and faculty members.

“In New York State and throughout the country, statistics show that 50% of high school students admit to using their handheld devices while driving, particularly to send text messages or participate in social media posting and discussion,” Lupinacci said to begin his statement. “This is just simply unacceptable. The only way to curb the texting while driving pandemic is through bringing light to the issue at its source: the individuals using their cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. It is clear that the lifesaving effects of this discussion could protect students, pedestrians and other drivers throughout New York State,” Lupinacci continued.

At the conclusion of the assembly, Lupinacci commented that New York State must do more to combat this growing trend. The Assemblyman announced a plan to craft legislation that begins the distracted driving discussion before an individual obtains their license.

“I am currently formulating legislation which would begin the discussion about texting and driving in the classroom. If distracted driving is a leading cause of death among our youth today, we must educate our students on the dangers before they get behind the wheel. If this targeted discussion saves one life, then this legislation will be a tremendous success. All students must understand that it truly can wait,” Lupinacci concluded.

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