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Driver Flees Pole Strike

Pole strike 1A driver apparently lost control of a 2010 Audi on Route 25A at approximately 3:00AM Sunday and struck a large utility pole in front of 145 East Main Street in Huntington. According to police, “No arrests have been made. We issued a summons on leaving the scene of an accident to Nathaniel Eikenes, age 24, of 49 Cherry Lane, Huntington.”

The car hit the pole with such violence that it snapped about 14 feet above the ground, but the multiple electric lines and telephone cables were not ripped from the device.

Traffic on Route 25A was re-routed while crews repaired the damage. Sources at the scene said that a person claiming to be the father of the driver appeared at the incident after the operator fled. Suffolk County Police would not confirm the report.

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