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Fire Chiefs Honor Police Inspector Edward Brady

Fire Chief Brady. Photo by Steve Silverman.

Pictured from left with Chiefs’ Council officers are Second Vice President Dan McConnell of Halesite FD, President John McKenna of Northport FD, incoming Second Precinct Inspector Chris Hatton, retiring Inspector Edward Brady, First Vice President John McDonough of Northport FD, and Secretary Chuck Brady of Huntington Manor FD.

The Town of Huntington Fire Chiefs’ Council recently recognized Suffolk Police Inspector Edward Brady, who recently retired as the Commanding Officer of the Second Precinct. Brady was honored for his dedication, support and friendship given to the Fire Chiefs and the Town of Huntington Fire and Ambulance Services. Inspector Brady began his career 36 years ago as a police officer in the Second Precinct, served in various commands throughout the County and returned to the precinct where he retired after nearly six years as the Commanding Officer.



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