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No Swimming at Town Beaches Tomorrow

Any dolphins out there?

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services has issued an advisory against swimming at 64 beaches, including seven in the Town of Huntington, due to heavy rainfall overnight and Monday.

The advisory is based on the potential for the presence of bacteria at levels that exceed New York State standards, health officials said.

The Town of Huntington beaches under the advisory are:

  • Eagle Dock Community Beach in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club in Lloyd Harbor
  • West Neck Beach in Lloyd Harbor
  • Lloyd Neck Bath Club Beach in Lloyd Harbor
  • Lloyd Harbor Village Park Beach in Lloyd Harbor
  • Gold Star Battalion Park Beach in Huntington
  • Head of the Bay Club Beach in Huntington Bay

The beaches covered by the advisory are located in areas that are heavily influenced by stormwater runoff from the surrounding watersheds and/or adjacent tributaries and, because of their location in an enclosed embayment, experience limited tidal flushing.

The health department recommends that bathing and other water contact be suspended in affected areas until the waters have been flushed by two successive tidal cycles (at least a 24 hour period) after the cessation of rainfall. The advisory will be lifted Wednesday morning unless beach water samples reveal elevated levels of bacteria persisting beyond the 24-hour period, officials said.

For the latest information on affected beaches, call the Bathing Beach HOTLINE at 852-5822, contact the department’s Office of Ecology at 852-5760 during normal business hours, or visit

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