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Grace Kenny Named LI Math Scholar

Grace Kenny, a 6th grader at Woodhull Intermediate School, is a LI Math Scholar

Woodhull School sixth grader Grace Kenny has been named a Long Island Math Scholar. The youngster has also secured a seat in the Institute for Creative Problem Solving on the SUNY Old Westbury campus during the 2015/16 school year after excelling on a qualifying exam.

“Grace earned one of just 25 places in her age division out of 800 students from all over Long Island who took this exam this past April,” said Maryann Daly, the Huntington School District’s SEARCH program chairperson-teacher.

“Everyone at Woodhull is so proud of Grace,” Assistant Principal Jarrett Stein said. “Not only for her being named a LI Math Scholar, but for her character, diligent work ethic and her accomplishments outside of the classroom. Grace is a talented singer who performed at SCMEA.

Ms. Kenny participates in Huntington’s SEARCH and Math Olympiad programs. “She participated in the Stony Brook University math tournament for the past two years and earned a trophy as the highest scoring fifth grader on her team last year,” Mrs. Daly said. “She is one of the 10 high scoring students responsible for placing the Woodhull grade six team in the ‘high achievement’ category this year.”

“Grace is what we ask our students to strive to be at Woodhull,” Mr. Stein said. “She is a leader amongst her peers, a model student who asks thought provoking questions and a friend to all the sixth grade students. Grace is going to go on to do wonderful things with her life and her teachers at Woodhull couldn’t be more proud of her!”

Source: Public Information Office

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