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A Summer And Beyond With Procida Creative International Performing Arts

Riley Decades

When you think of summer, you conjure up visions of the beach or the pool, a time for the kids—and parents—to relax a little more and enjoy the sunshine and longer days. What if your kids could still enjoy camp and the performing arts, but without missing out on everything else summer has to offer? Here’s why Procida Creative International (PCI), Performing Arts School, can fill that need perfectly.

“Our camps tend to run at convenient hours, as we know how valuable it is to relax and have down time for both kids and families,” says Brooke Procida, creator and director of PCI, based in Huntington, NY, and New York, NY. “Our Long Island camps run four days from 4-6 pm—after the beach and before dinner. It’s a little slice of music or drama and then back to reality. Our New York City camps offer Long Island kids a totally new experience and an opportunity to explore the performing arts on a more professional level.”

This summer, PCI offers several options. First up is U-tube camp, from July 7-10, a totally new and super creative, four-day camp. “In U-Tube camp, kids will get to brainstorm and create characters, write scripts, shoot and edit video, and then watch and share their work at a final screening,” details Procida. “It’s total creative fulfillment.”

At the end of summer, from August 17-20, after most camps are over, there is PCI’s well-loved Glee Camp that has been running for the past six years. “It’s always a blast with mash-ups of songs and choreography from Broadway and Pop,” adds Procida.

New this summer, for more advanced and professionally oriented performers, PCI rolls out its Broadway Biz Camps in New York City, Monday through Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00pm. Talented kids will learn from major Broadway stars and audition for a Broadway casting director. This unique experience is an incredible opportunity to be seen up close in a friendly environment.

“PCI camps are what you would call ‘boutique,’ as they are small, focused groups where kids receive a lot of one-on-one attention and do not ever get lost in the crowd,” notes Procida. “We work out of both home environments and professional studios—giving kids a range of different experiences.”

Two Broadway Biz Camps,, are offered, July 20-23 and August 3-6, each one unique with different guest teachers in addition to Procida. On day one, students will work with Brooke on two, 16-bar audition pieces and a group number. On day two, they receive individual performance and vocal coaching from a veteran Broadway singer/actor. Day three will be dancing with a top Broadway choreographer. And on day four, they will audition for a major Casting Director and receive feedback.

July’s camp includes Felicia Finley from Mamma Mia, The Wedding Singer, Aida, The Life; Brooke Sunny Moriber, Les Mis, Parade, The Wild Party; Jeremy McQueen from Wicked; Brad Bradley, Billy Elliot, Spamalot, Annie Get Your Gun; and David Vaccari, casting director from Telsey Casting.

For more information about signing up for one of these camps for your 10-15 year old child, or to register, please go to There are limited spots left in these small groups. If your child is nine years old, they can audition for a spot.

What does PCI offer that students can’t get anywhere else? Procida personally teaches every single class with occasional help from hired experts and guest artists.

“PCI has become a family over the years, with students and parents connecting and supporting one another inside and outside of the classroom,” says Procida. “And although we are a close knit family, PCI students are taught to be open, kind, and accepting, welcoming new students every semester and making them an integral part of the group.

“PCI also places a strong emphasis on self-care and entrepreneurship, encouraging kids to nurture themselves holistically and find their own unique ways to be industrious and creative. We strive for long-term artistic sustainability and believe it comes not just from having great talent, but from wisdom about yourself and your surroundings—and learning how to use your own personal skill set.”

To see what PCI is all about, go check out its June 17th show, open to the public, at 7:00 pm at East Woods School in Oyster Bay, “Decades: Pop vs. Broadway.” Tickets are available at the door for $10.00 or $5.00 for kids under age 5. Talented PCI students from ages 10 through 13 will sing pop and Broadway songs from 1960 through the present. Click here for more information:

Over the years, PCI has enjoyed success, its business growing steadily, with many repeat customers. Why do they keep coming back for more? “I get so many texts and emails on a daily basis from my parents telling me how much their children have grown, excelled, broken free, changed, developed, and booked the part,” explains Procida. “When I teach a class or a workshop, I’m not just there to throw information at you and collect a pay check. I love what I do with all my heart, and if my kids are not achieving on numerous levels—professionally, personally, emotionally—I am not doing my job.”

Beyond the summer, PCI has a lot more to offer current and new students. Over the past two years, a highly talented group of PCI kids worked on a new, original tween/teen musical entitled REDDI HIGH. “Together we created all of the characters, wrote the scenes and original songs, copyrighted our work, and produced a staged reading,” highlights Procida.

This fall, PCI will cast and produce the full REDDI HIGH musical. All production aspects will be carried out by students, giving opportunities to those who prefer to work behind the scenes as well.

“For 2016, PCI has set its sights on the esteemed Carnegie Hall in New York City to showcase student talent, and is in the process of pinning down a date for this incredible event to take place,” states Procida. This will be an audition-only show, open to the public.

Adds Procida, “Kids excel at PCI, and that’s why it works.”


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