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LLS Candidate for Man of the Year: Huntington Resident Joel Wirchin

Joel celebrating his 50th birthday with his kids.

Joel celebrating his 50th birthday with his kids.

Six years ago, Huntington resident Joel Wirchin was diagnosed with lymphoma – out of the blue.   Now considered cured, he is devoting his time to help find a cure, as a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society* (LLS) candidate for Man of the Year. He wins by raising the most money to help conquer cancer, it’s that simple.  To learn more about Joel’s story, visit our website Help us reach our $75,000 goal by donating today. We ALL win when cancer loses!

While LLS specifically invests in advancements in blood cancer research, it is becoming the gateway to studying many types of cancers and diseases. 40% of the new cancer drugs approved by the FDA since 2000 were first successfully developed to treat patients with blood cancers, and LLS helped advance many of them. Today, several blood cancer drugs are approved for or in trials for solid tumor and serious diseases related to the following: • Breast • Skin • Stomach • Bladder • Brain • Prostate • Liver • Colon •Ovarian • Kidney •Pancreatic • Head & Neck • Lung• Esophageal• Rheumatoid Arthritis • Type 1 Diabetes • Sickle Cell • Alzheimer’s •Lupus •MS Leprosy

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