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Firefighters Drill at Vanderbilt Museum Training Exercise

 Photo by Steve Silverman.

Photo by Steve Silverman.

This past weekend the Suffolk County Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR) in conjunction with the Centerport Fire Department, conducted a live training exercise at the Vanderbilt Museum property in Centerport. The drill served as a valuable training experience and simulated the aftermath of a severe weather event and the impact on a number of victims. The Suffolk County USAR Team, as well as the Centerport Fire Department and Northport Fire Department, used chainsaws, rope rescue, water rescue and specialized victim removal operations during the two-day drill to effect the rescue of simulated victims during a wedding reception near the Planetarium building. About 75 firefighters from all agencies participated in the drill, which also included the usage of the Centerport and Northport Fire Rescue boats to evacuate victims.



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