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Grand Opening of Youth Directions and Alternatives in Greenlawn

Last week, Legislator Spencer joined representatives from the Youth Directions and Alternatives (YDA) to celebrate the grand opening of its second location. The new site, which is located in Greenlawn Village at 8 Gates Street, will allow the YDA to provide services to a larger number of children in our community.

“Congratulations to the YDA for the grand opening of their new center! It was a pleasure to support the YDA on this exciting day as they start a new chapter in their mission to empower our youth and teach our children to channel their passions and talents to reach their goals,” stated Legislator Spencer.

The YDA is a private, non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the youth in the Northport, Harborfields, and Elwood School Districts. Through working closely with schools, churches, libraries, police, and other organizations, the YDA offers children a variety of academic, recreational, counseling, and advocacy services at little to no cost. With strong emphasis being placed on youth development, children learn essential life planning skills needed to have a happy adulthood.

Some services available through the YDA include: substance abuse counseling, crisis intervention, GED tutoring, vocational counseling, job development and placement, drop out prevention, creative expressions workshops, Youth Court, community service programs, after school homework help, health awareness workshops, high school basketball nights, movie nights, field trips, and much more.

To learn more about the YDA, visit or call their office at 631.261.7901

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