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East Coast Starz Kids Walk the Runway for CCandy™ in Yankee Stadium

East Coast Starz, a leading producer of fashion experiences for children, teamed with CCandy™ by Outerstuff, Ltd,™ a unique and fun fashion forward sports clothing line for kids by Amber Sabathia, to produce a one-of-a-kind fashion show at the Yankee Stadium.


The fashion show took place during the pre-game entertainment before the Yankees-Royals game on Saturday, September 6, 2014.  Young models, ages 3-13, walked a “runway” of grass to showcase CCandy’s cool and spunky fashions.  East Coast Starz kids modeled alongside children of Yankees players including CC Sabathia, Brett Gardner, David Robertson, Carlos Beltran, Chase Headley, Chaz Roe, Rich Hill, Josh Outman, David Phelps and Yankee’s PR man, Jason Zillo.  Local models Lily Handler, 5, of East Northport and Nicholas Zadrozny, 3, of Northport were among the young East Coast Starz models.  All models were featured on the Stadiums state of the art 103 x 58 foot HD scoreboard.

CCandy’s 2015 line was previewed by the East Coast Starz kids in front of a near sold out crowd at Yankee Stadium. “We are proud and happy to have our kids walk the runway in Yankee Stadium. It’s an American dream come true for these children,” said Lauren Handler, Co-Director of East Coast Starz. “We always say that the runway builds confidence, and it was heartwarming to see these kids prove our point by walking out to the field and proudly presenting CCandy in front of thousands of people.”10421535_10205017392183139_5550625166432074189_n

“We are thrilled to team with Amber Sabathia and CCandy,” said  Stacie Fitzgerald, Co-Director of East Coast Starz. “CCandy’s fashions,fun and creative attitude is a great fit with East Coast Starz. Our kids love modeling CCandy because these are the type of fashions they would choose for themselves.”

“The kids at East Coast Starz are adorable and they wear CCandy with the fun and a little bit of sass that it’s meant to be.  We love teaming with them,” said Amber Sabathia, creator and designer of CCandy.

About East Coast Starz

East Coast Starz is a program created to help both parents and children become educated and involved in the fashion industry. The program holds two competitions events a year and a variety of runway shows. The show allows children between the ages of 2-16 to discover and bring out their inner star qualities so they can shine brighter on the outside. We build up the self-confidence in children and pave their road to success. We bring in top NYC agents, managers and scouts to sign new talent and start careers. We invite designers and stars to talk to the girls, inspiring them that dreams can come true. We believe that the runway builds confidence, and strengthens a child’s self-esteem in her most important formative years. Additionally, our program provides a venue for girls to share common interests and lifelong friendships.

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