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Firefighters Respond to Huntington Crash

Photo by Drew Silverman.

Photo by Drew Silverman.

While returning from the scene of a building fire on Prospect Street in Huntington on Saturday, August 16, firefighters came across an accident on Main Street and Wall Street in Huntington Village. An engine from the Halesite Fire Department was first on the scene and crews immediately began patient care. The Huntington Fire Department rescue truck arrived with an engine from the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department, and their crews worked together to extricate the driver of a Mini Cooper that was involved in a crash with a truck. Firefighters used the heavy rescue “Jaws of Life” tools to remove a door from the car. An ambulance from the Huntington Community First Aid Squad transported the patient to Huntington Hospital. About 20 firefighters were at the scene under the command of Huntington Fire Chief Robert Berry and Third Assistant Chief Brian Keane.



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