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Bicycle Accident on West Shore Road

At about 12:30 Saturday a man riding his bicycle down Anoatok Dr. lost control, hit the guard rail and went over the embankment to the sand about 20 feet below.  A man walking along the beach found him lying there and called 911.

Huntington Community First Aid Squad ambulance with a 4 man crew and a First Responder vehicle with Advanced Life Support personal arrived, climbed over the guard rail and scaled down the rock retaining wall in order to reach the patient who was semi-conscious. Advance Life Support procedures were initiated and he was treated on scene for his injuries which included a severe laceration to his head and leg, possibly two broken legs and possible internal injuries.

Huntington Fire Department was called and assisted with the steep angle extrication.

The patient was taken to NUMC which is a designated major trauma center.

When the Huntington Community crew returned about 90 minutes later to get the First Responder vehicle which had been left at the scene, the area where the patient had landed was under 2 feet of water.

Had this accident happened an hour later without witnesses the outcome would likely have been very different.


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