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Another Blaze in Village: Huntington FD Responds


Photo by Steve Silverman

Photo by Steve Silverman

The Huntington Fire Department responded to a battle a fire in a commercial building at 30 Prospect Street in Huntington Village on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at around 3:45 p.m. Over 50 firefighters battled the blaze, which began in an outside storage container at the rear of the building.  The fire extended into the soffit and attic of the building, with flames showing through the cupola on the roof.  Using six trucks, firefighters aggressively attacked the fire and were able to contain the blaze to the attic area. The remainder of the building sustained smoke and water damage. The Halesite and Huntington Manor fire departments assisted at the scene while firefighters from Cold Spring Harbor stood by for Huntington during the alarm. The fire was declared under control within an hour by Huntington Fire Chief Robert Berry, assisted by Deputy Chiefs Robert Conroy and Brian Keane.There were no injuries reported and the Suffolk Police Arson Squad and Town of Huntington Fire Marshal are investigating. Suffolk Fire-Rescue Coordinators were on the scene assisting.This was the fifth fire to occur in Huntington Village since March, and the eleventh working fire that the Huntington Fire Department has handled this year.



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1 comment to Another Blaze in Village: Huntington FD Responds

  • OMG

    Suspicious fires in Huntington Village, Murders in Huntington Station, Bullets being fired in Centerport, Huntington and Huntington Station, burglaries rampant throughout the town what we need is MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

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