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The Gunfire Moves North

The location of the recent shooting last week at 424 McKinley Terrace in Centerport.

The location of the recent shooting last week at 424 McKinley Terrace in Centerport.

Of all the villages and hamlets in the Town of Huntington, Centerport leads the way as the most livable.

From affordable start-up houses to magnificent multi-acre estates, Centerport offers something for everyone. There is virtually no shopping district so there is little traffic. Nearly every road borders on the beach or ends at the harbor. There are no theaters, few restaurants, only one dry cleaner, a couple of delicatessens, and a bake shop.

Sun soaked beaches; quiet harbors; a superior school district; hilly, one lane roads; and friendly people define this bucolic community.

So why, then, were there gunshots fired on McKinley Terrace at 8:45 a.m. last Wednesday morning on August 6?

Suffolk Police will only say that detectives are investigating an incident in which a resident of 424 McKinley Terrace was on the street outside of his home when he became involved in an altercation with several men. According to police sources, the resident reported that the men were unknown to him and during the confrontation one of them fired a shot that struck a nearby unoccupied vehicle.

Shortly after the shooting, one Village Tattler staffer reported seeing a white Chevrolet racing through Huntington, near Heckscher Park, with police in apparent pursuit.

Town records indicate that 424 McKinley is classified as a single family residence owned by Yvonne Rainero ( However, local residents report that the building is apparently being used by multiple families.

Town records also show that Ms. Rainero owns another single family home at 5 Heckscher Drive in the Wincoma section of Huntington Bay.

There are no arrests at this time.


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1 comment to The Gunfire Moves North

  • Sans

    Again in Huntington a shooting and again it’s near a single family house being used by multiple families. And we wonder why our taxes go higher. Huntington still has a corrupt assessing policy on houses that they know are single family and taxed as such yet they house multiple families. All through the town houses designed and meant for one family house more than they should.

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