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Strike Looming: Don’t Leave Huntington LIRR Commuters Stranded

Legislator Spencer joins state and local leaders to call for Huntington’s fair share

With the LIRR strike in the forecast, Legislator Spencer was joined by state and local leaders to call on the MTA to provide shuttle bus services for Huntington commuters. “With no settlement in sight, we stand here today with a united message; we must do better! We are calling on the MTA to amp up the shuttle bus services for the Town of Huntington in the event of the strike,” stated Legislator Spencer. “The current plan for shuttle buses misses the mark; it is inadequate for Suffolk County and non-existent for the Town of Huntington. With little time left, the MTA needs to provide the ample services for our large commuter population.”

“Any strike, no matter its duration, would have a severe impact on the thousands of riders that depend on LIRR service each and every day. Commuters will be forced to seek out alternative modes of transportation that would undoubtedly prove costly, time consuming and troublesome. To add to that burden the current contingency plan of the MTA is woefully inadequate and leaves out the whole North Shore of Long Island. This is unacceptable and I urge the MTA to go back to the table and work out a plan to meet the needs of the commuters of Huntington and the rest of the residents of the North Shore. Most importantly negotiate and avoid this potentially devastating strike,” said Senator Carl L. Marcellino

“It is totally unacceptable that the Long Island Rail Road’s contingency plan fails to address the needs of Port Jefferson line commuters, including those at the much-used Huntington train station. While nobody wants a strike, and while we all hope the MTA and the unions will reach a settlement before the deadline, the railroad needs to provide the same type of shuttle bus option to Huntington commuters as it is to those who use the Ronkonkoma, Deer Park and Hicksville stations,” said Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone.

“Both sides must resume negotiations immediately to prevent a disaster for Long Island’s commuters and our local economy. It is absolutely unacceptable to walk away from the table without comprehensive contingency plans for all LIRR commuters who must travel to NYC to support their families.  I call on all parties to immediately get back to work to reach an agreement or at a minimum, to develop plans to provide access to alternative transportation to prevent chaos and gridlock for Huntington commuters.” Legislator Steve Stern said.

“In the event of a strike, we fully expect the LIRR to take care of Huntington’s commuters,” commented Councilwoman Berland. “Anything less is totally unacceptable.”

“It’s paramount that we keep residents and tax payers informed of what is happening with the strike.  We need to come together to ensure that our residents have all available resources to get to work” stated Huntington Town Councilman Gene Cook.

“While negotiations continue, the MTA has a responsibility to communicate a contingency plan for every town they serve and time is running out,” stated Huntington Town Councilwoman Tracey Edwards.

“It is our earnest hope that a strike can be averted and the MTA ‘s contingency plan will not have to be implemented.  However, if it is needed, as it currently stands, it is insufficient and leaves areas like Huntington underserved and, we continue to urge the MTA to bolster their plan,’ commented LIRR Commuter Council chairman, Mark Epstein.

“It is a positive move that the MTA is working to remedy what is hopefully a short time challenge with the LIRR strike.  What is concerning is that the contingency plan to bus stranded commuters into NYC does not include Huntington. The Huntington Community is in the geographical “sweet spot” for commuting to New York with a significant portion of our population relying on the railroad commute each day to make it to work –  additional bus service should be immediate added to the contingency plan for Huntington residents should the strike not be averted .  We hope this was an oversight by the MTA and they will work with Legislator Spencer to remedy this additional concern to what is shaping up to be a very challenging and frustrating time for Huntington Commuters,” stated Robert Bontempi, Vice Chairman of the Huntington Chamber of Commerce.

“A potential strike will cause unneeded economic hardship to commuters and small businesses in over 70 downtowns serviced by the LIRR.  The MTA should be working closely with municipalities and local business to create a contingency plan that truly serves Long Island Communities,” stated Tawaun Weber, Assistant Director of Vision Long Island.

With the strike looming, it is important that commuters formulate a strategy for how to cope with theses imminent travel interruptions.  Legislator Spencer has compiled a list of resources available that can help residents plan ahead.  To obtain a copy of Legislator Spencer’s “LIRR Strike Survival Kit”, email, or call 631-854-4500.


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