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Amid Gripes and Groans, Valet Parking Comes to Huntington

Valet Service 1Valet parking is now a fact of life in Huntington Village.

The program, which is being tried in the public lot south of Main Street between New and Green Streets, is being managed by LAZ Parking New York/New Jersey and is jointly funded by the Town, the Town of Huntington Economic Development Corp., the Huntington Village Business Improvement District and the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. All are part of the consortium Supervisor Frank P. Petrone formed last year to explore Village parking options. The experiment will cost an estimated $50,000 and will last for the next three months.

When Village Tattler reporters arrived at 5 p.m., the four eastern-most corridors of the lot were cordoned off by moveable stanchions. Five parking attendants were gathered near a pop-up display and a sign announced the new program.

Drivers were offered “assistance” by the attendants but, if they declined, were not prevented from parking in any of the open spots within the barricaded area.  One of the LAZ Parking attendants, who asked not to be identified, indicated that, initially, drivers will not be prevented from accessing any portion of the lot.  However, as the program grows, LAZ is likely to take control of all four corridors thereby allowing only attendant-driven vehicles to enter the selected area. The attendant also said that most of the comments he heard during the day were positive but admitted that there were some unenthusiastic responses to the new program.

Liz Andersen, a 30+ year Huntington resident, was highly critical of the new service. “Why do we need it?” she asked.  Following that with, “It’s ridiculous!”

Although there is currently no charge for the valet service, another visitor opined that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a chargeable amenity.



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3 comments to Amid Gripes and Groans, Valet Parking Comes to Huntington

  • 10 Woolsey St. Okay, they got this one by us. Now, what the Hell is this Pedestrian (Enhancement) Program that is up in lights, and apparently open to public scrutiny next week at a board meeting? Looks like they’re going for the Tri-Fecta: Muni-Meters that need two web sites to explain their operation; valet parking for our All American Town; and, now, a new Pedestrian initiative. Are we really going to keep voting these incompetent thieves back into office year after year? Come on Huntington, you can do better!

  • Disapointed in Huntington

    Local Huntington township residents are starting to avoid using the local Village merchants because of the difficulty locating parking for quick errands (myself included). The TOH Board is, as in the case of The Paramount, catering to the “Tourist Clientele” whom are visitors to the Village and not taxpaying residents of the local neighborhoods. We are becoming a mini “East Hampton” where now, not one merchant is a local resident. The Village shops there were all taken over by “Interlopers”,large national conglomerates and high end NYC Corporations. Good bye Quaint Huntington Historic Village…We miss you already

  • Huntington tax payer

    Are residents hired to run this project??If not why not?

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