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Cinema Arts Creativity Series Features Films by Hubley Animators

Windy Day. Photo credit: Cinema Conservancy Program.

Windy Day. Photo credit: Cinema Conservancy Program.

The John Hubley Animation Centennial is a Creativity Series sponsored by Ginger & Stewart Polisner that will take place on June 1 at 2:00 p.m. at the Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. 631-423-7611

A program of films by animators John and Faith Hubley, all in new 35mm prints, celebrates John Hubley’s 100th birthday and was organized in collaboration with the Hubley family. Visually striking, playful and innovative, the selected films address a wide range of topics – from urbanization and overpopulation to two boys’ search for a pet bird – and feature the voices of Dizzy Gillespie, Dudley Moore, and the Hubleys’ children (Emily, Georgia, Mark and Ray), as well as music from Benny Carter, The Oscar Peterson Trio and Quincy Jones. John Hubley began his training at Disney (where his participation in the studio’s famous 1941 strike caused him and other animators to be fired and later blacklisted) and went on to the Army’s Motion Picture Unit and UPA. The personal and creative partnership between John and Faith (Elliott) Hubley lasted from the 1950’s until John’s death in 1977. True to their marriage vow to finish one independent film per year, the Hubley’s created over 20 animated films together, winning three Academy Awards for MoonbirdThe Hole, and Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Double Feature. Faith Hubley went on to make 23 more films after 1977. Faith Hubley and son Ray will appear for Q & A and reception after the screening.

$5 Kids under 12 • $10 Members • $15 Public. Includes reception. Tickets can be purchased online,  at the box office during theater hours or by calling Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.

Breaking new artistic ground and exploring urgent topics in their films, the Hubleys rebelled, as John told animation historian John Canemaker, “against the sweet sentimental chipmunk and bunnies idiom of animation.” They favored a modern aesthetic, using techniques such as wax-resistance, oil painting and bottom-lit watercolors. In their experimentations with improvised dialogue and music, the pair found inspiration everywhere, from conversations between New York construction workers to the musings of their own children.

Moonbird. Photo credit: Cinema Conservancy Program.

Moonbird. Photo credit: Cinema Conservancy Program.

Film List:
Adventures of an Asterisk  (1956), 11 min., by John Hubley
Tender Game  (1958), 6 min., by John Hubley
Moonbird  (1959)    , 10 min., by John Hubley
The Hat  (1964), 18 min., by John and Faith Hubley
Windy Day (1968), 9 min., by John and Faith Hubley
Urbanissimo  (1967), 6 min., by John Hubley
Of Men and Demons  (1968), 9 min., by John and Faith Hubley
Eggs  (1970), 10 min., by John Hubley
(Total Running Time: 80 minutes. Presented in 35mm.)

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