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Town of Huntington Offers Parking Tips

In an effort to make the transition to the new parking regulations a little smoother, Town officials recently released links to two websites that describe how to use the mini-meters now installed in Huntington Village.

The first, offers multiple options that include user instructions, a map of the effected areas, a list of the venture’s partners and a phone number for “parking  issues:” 631-351-3234

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3 comments to Town of Huntington Offers Parking Tips

  • Huntington Fred

    Leave it to the idiocy and arrogance of Town Hall to try to spin this as an improvement.

  • My Town Too

    Nothing in that link speaks to handicapped parking. If you have a handicapped tag, do you have to pay to park in one of the metered spaces either on the primary and/or secondary streets?

    • Anonymous

      Nothing changed with regard to parking at a meter with a disability permit or plates. Meter is free but you do have to move vehicle by the maximum time limit (3 hours).

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