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Valet Parking Coming to Huntington

Not satisfied with last week’s ratification of a 400% increase in the Village’s hourly parking rate, Town officials approved a pilot program to implement valet parking at their May 6 Board meeting.

The program, which will be tried in the lot south of Main Street between New and Green Streets, is being managed by LAZ Parking New York/New Jersey and will be jointly funded by the Town, the Town of Huntington Economic Development Corp., the Huntington Village Business Improvement District and the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. All are part of the consortium Supervisor Frank P. Petrone formed last year to explore Village parking options. The experiment will cost an estimated $50000 for the three month test.

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According to the Town’s press release, “Experts have told the consortium that valet parking could increase the capacity of the lot, which currently has 215 spaces, by as much as 40 percent.”

Town Spokesman AJ Carter explained that the hours of operation have not been finalized, but will probably be all day Friday and Saturday, until midnight or 1 AM. Carter says that the plan is to reserve a portion of the Green Street/New Street Lot for valet parking – clearing it out the night before – and expand or contract the percentage of the lot dedicated for valet parking as demand warrants. The lot has 215 spaces, and the Town’s consultants estimate that valet parking would increase the capacity by 40 percent because cars can be parked in the aisles.

But a weekend visit to the lot suggests that the Town may have a bigger task on their hands then they want to tackle.

May 10, was a beautiful spring day and, at 1:30 in the afternoon, the Gerard Street lot was filled to capacity while at least 10 cars roamed the pathways looking for a place to park. This, in spite of the fact that there were open parking slots on both New York Avenue and Main Street. Of course, the Gerard Street lot is free while the New York Avenue and Main Street spaces cost at least $1.

We tried to get Huntington Fire Department’s take on the idea since cars parked in the aisleways are likely to present a considerable impediment to apparatus responding to structural or vehicle fires. Our telephone call was not returned by press time.

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21 comments to Valet Parking Coming to Huntington

  • Local

    Well, that does it. No more Saturday errands in the Village. I’m not having some stranger park my car so I can shop local. I’m pretty sure Greenlawn doesn’t overcharge residents to park in town.

    • rosy gallica

      Dear Local, I did not read that there will be a fee to use the valet parking. I guess you have never used a parking garage In NYC or else where where “strangers” are employed to take your car and park it ????

      • Local

        The bottom line is, I don’t live in NYC. I live in a community that used to be lovely until Petrone & his buddies decided to “improve” it by bringing the Paramount & it’s resultant headaches. The old IMAC was approved for fewer seats, but Frank & Co. had to go big, and so approved more seats, gave them a public parking lot, and are now trying to kill local businesses by charging $1/hour for parking on main roads. So now, just to make a 15-minute stop at the drugstore or the library, I will likely be forced to have to have a stranger park my car. No thanks.

        • Ignore this rosy person

          Obviously one of the newest Town Hall shills sent in to handle “social media” on all the blogs. Last 3 articles I read “rosy” commented how glorious the whole thing is. Her fake opinion isn’t worth the pad imprints on your keyboard.

        • PATSNY

          Ronald Reagan once said the most terrifying words spoken are “I am from the government and I am here to help”.
          I agree. No thanks. The village is not worth the parking expense or the risk of an municipality reaching into my pocket parking ticket.
          Happy trails Village. You are replaceable.

      • Enough

        Hey Rosy, Stop and think about the time involved to hand off your car, have them pack it in and then get it out. Also, are you going to tip the poor college kid who is parking your car (besides the point)? Let’s think about the traffic configuration of all the one way streets as well. So much for the convenience. And this is going to help the situation? Please. So in the end, I better allocate a good 1 hour for a previous 5-10 minute errand and cup of coffee. Used to love that about my town. Not any more. BTW, I just discovered Urban Coffee in Greenlawn. As good as Starbucks and pulled right up front. Works for me. And no, I dont own or work there. Come to think of it, they have dry cleaning, drug stores, delis, and gas stations too. Hmmm Frank, the world doesnt operate in a vacuum, does it?? Did your so-called (PAID) parking experts think of that? Have YOU or THEM ever heard of the path of least resistence? Read up on that.

    • PATSNY

      As a long-term resident of Huntington, I have seen the desertion of the Village and closure of stores. After years of struggle and it finally becoming a good place to shop again, the Town again will drive away shoppers.
      You can’t fix stupid. My sympathies to the store owners who are at the mercy of stupid.
      Personally, I will again avoid the Village. Parking is too expensive and valet parking is a Pain. The real goal of the Town is to find another way to reach into the piggy banks of the shoppers.

  • There's a method....

    Just who is behind LAZ Parking, and how is Petrone beholden to them to the extent that this idiotic scheme was approved? What happens when things start disappearing from the cars parked by the valets? Who’s liable, the taxpayers? I would never use Petrone’s ridiculous valet parking to leave my car in a public lot, and bet that most people will avoid it like the plague. What a complete waste of tax dollars!

    • rosy gallica

      On a brighter note the valet parking MAY relieve some of the traffic congestion in the village of people circling looking for parking.

      • There's a method....

        People who want to park in the New Street lot circle around in the New Street lot; the traffic congestion is primarily along Main St. and NY Ave. I’m with Local, Huntington isn’t NYC and the New Street lot isn’t a restaurant parking area where it’s reasonable to expect valet parking. Also, if Petrone hadn’t turned the Elm Street lot over to the Paramount (public property to a private business?) there would be that much more parking available.

      • My Town Too

        So now with valet parking, there will be a back-up of cars waiting to be parked along Green and New Sts! The New St back-up could flow over into Main St! Lovely.

      • Enough

        Not in a million years Rosy. Actually it MAY work for you. You will be the only car in the lot.

      • PATSNY

        You are absolutely correct. As less and less people go to the village to shop there will be less and less parking problems. Problem will be the store owners will have less business and more will close b/c of the lost business. But the bright side of that will be more available parking.
        See how it all comes together so “rosie”.

    • Enough

      Great point. Lets not forget the potential liabilities here. Theft, Dings, and whatever else goes with Valet Parking. I am sure the TOH needs insurance for all this brilliance. Cost please?

  • pants on fire

    There is no such thing as free valet parking- you have to tip dont you?

  • Summer nightmare!

    I CANNOT believe this is going to happen! I live in the village and I can find a parking spot anytime. I circle for a few minutes, but am always able to park. People don’t want to walk more than 100 feet from where they are shopping. This is what make Huntington unique. People from Petrone’s Dix Hills neighborhood complain to their pal that they cannot park directly in front of their restaurant, so he creates this nightmare. Free valet parking? Does he really think people are going to hand over their keys to some 17 year old parking their car? This won’t work. It shouldn’t be tried.

  • Summer nightmare!

    Can we refuse to valet park? Because I am planning on it. Just like at a restaurant, you can say, “no thanks. I will park it”. Thats what I am going to do this summer. We should all do it. Refuse to have some FREE valet parking company take over our FREE parking lot. I am already paying for the lot with my taxes, I am going to park when and where I want.

  • huh?

    The FREE valet parking program will cost $50,000.00???????

    • no.

      $50,000.00 for just 3 months. There are many more months is a year and many more years of Democrats on Town Board. Just bend over and take your FREE parking.

      • Enough

        Yes, exactly. All is free. Petrone: Dont worry. It is free. They will never know that their property taxes pay for it. Besides, I have 4 more years and WW have complete control over board for eternity. Lets do lunch…

  • citizens dont care

    There is already private valet parking in a public lot at the Harbor Club owned by Prime. Another strange deal started when Albicocco owned both properties.

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