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Highway Aid to Bring Needed Relief to Huntington

Following one of the toughest winters in recent memory, Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci (R,C,WF,I- Huntington Station) is pleased to announce that this year’s budget includes over $400 million in funding for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS), as well as $40 million in Winter Recovery Funding. With spring and summer road construction getting underway, you will soon see this money at work in our communities.

“CHIPS funding is a valuable resource our local highway departments rely upon to help keep our roads up-to-date,” said Lupinacci. “While road construction can be an annoyance at times, fixing our roads helps our children get to school, parents get to work and families go about their daily routine in a safe way. This past winter was particularly hard on the roads, as the deep freeze often causes the roads to heave and crack, causing more repairs than usual. That’s why I was exceptionally pleased to support this extra $40 million in funding for our communities.”

For the 10th Assembly District, municipalities that will receive portions of this additional winter recovery funding include the Town of Huntington, $200,968.69, the Town of Babylon, $142,047.36 and the Village of Lloyd Harbor, $7,425.56. This year’s budget also includes more than $438 million in funding for the CHIPS program. For the 10th Assembly District, this includes $1.7 million for the Town of Huntington, $1.2 million for the Town of Babylon and $66,897 for the Village of Lloyd Harbor.

Residents who wish to report particularly rough roads or potholes are encouraged to contact Assemblyman Lupinacci’s district office at (631) 271-8025.


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6 comments to Highway Aid to Bring Needed Relief to Huntington

  • Sans

    Thanks Chad. Our roads sure can use a face lift.

  • Pot Hole Patty

    Isn’t this already part of the Highway job description. We have to pay extra to fill the potholes?

  • marita

    Besides potholes has anyone seen the Street sweepers.

  • Confused Chad

    Chad, Chad, I thought you were elected to the New York State Assembly didn’t anyone tell you? You are supposed to be representing Huntington in Albany not be a call center for the Town of Huntington Highway Department So, let me get this straight according to your press release, a Huntington resident telephones your New York State Office to file a report and then your office person calls over to the Town of Huntington Highway office. Maybe you have too many people in your office and not enough work for them. What a waste of taxpayers money.

  • pants on fire

    Chad had nothing to do with this. the state budget gives road money to every municipality. This year because of the winter they gave extra to everyone to pay for pot hole repair. They vote in Albany and then they all send out press releases claiming it was them and they send out those ridiculous mailings that WE pay for. All of their offices are filled with hacks who are un employable anywhere else. Each on of them cost us alot of money and as of June they are done for the year.
    The big office event is deciding what to eat for lunch. And spending time working on raising money for re election and paying thru the campaign fund their car leases.

  • ethel ng

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