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Texting Awareness about Driving and Texting: Meeting Next Tuesday, March 25

sigimg1The Huntington High School PTSA is gearing up for one of its biggest weeks of the year. The organization plans to launch an educational campaign about the dangers of distracted driving. Students are the intended audience, but the message is an important one for the whole community to hear.

“Texting and driving has surpassed drinking and driving as the leading cause of death and accidents among teens. This is not just a teen problem, adults are just as guilty. As parents, our children are in our driving school for the first 16 years of their lives. Using the excuse of ‘do what I say, not as I do’ is not helping this deadly epidemic. It’s up to this generation to help change the next.”

Karen Torres  Texting Awareness Foundation

When: Tuesday March 25

Where: Huntington High School

Time: 7pm

Is it Worth a Life ?. . . Don’t Text and Drive.”

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