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Other Public Agencies And Non-Profits Own the Blight

New York Avenue and Mill Lane

New York Avenue and Mill Lane

Sometimes, a little digging uncovers gold nuggets.  Two more derelict properties have been found to be owned by very visible landlords.

The long-abandoned former gasoline station at the intersection of Mill Lane and New York Avenue (photo above) in Huntington is shown in TOH records to be a holding of Suffolk County Water Authority.  Partially rebuilt and idle for many years, the site is a festering, dilapidated introduction to Huntington Harbor.

And it’s not alone.  The crumbling two story residence on the hilltop on the southeast corner of Deer Park Avenue and Old Country Road on the South Huntington/Elwood border is shown to be owned by Suffolk Community Residential Project, Inc.  The company claims to be located at 2900 Veterans Memorial Highway in Bohemia.  That’s the same address as AHRC Suffolk, a social service agency that specializes in assisting persons with developmental disabilities.

photo 1

Crumbling residence on the southeast corner of Deer Park Avenue and Old Country Road on the South Huntington / Elwood border.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics ( ) Suffolk Community Residential Project, Inc “is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to establish, operate and maintain a Community residence for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled in Suffolk County, New York.”

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