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Other Public Agencies And Non-Profits Own the Blight

New York Avenue and Mill Lane

New York Avenue and Mill Lane

Sometimes, a little digging uncovers gold nuggets.  Two more derelict properties have been found to be owned by very visible landlords.

The long-abandoned former gasoline station at the intersection of Mill Lane and New York Avenue (photo above) in Huntington is shown in TOH records to be a holding of Suffolk County Water Authority.  Partially rebuilt and idle for many years, the site is a festering, dilapidated introduction to Huntington Harbor.

And it’s not alone.  The crumbling two story residence on the hilltop on the southeast corner of Deer Park Avenue and Old Country Road on the South Huntington/Elwood border is shown to be owned by Suffolk Community Residential Project, Inc.  The company claims to be located at 2900 Veterans Memorial Highway in Bohemia.  That’s the same address as AHRC Suffolk, a social service agency that specializes in assisting persons with developmental disabilities.

photo 1

Crumbling residence on the southeast corner of Deer Park Avenue and Old Country Road on the South Huntington / Elwood border.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics ( ) Suffolk Community Residential Project, Inc “is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to establish, operate and maintain a Community residence for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled in Suffolk County, New York.”

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7 comments to Other Public Agencies And Non-Profits Own the Blight

  • Area resident

    Keep up the good work VT. It’s a shame that many of these blighted houses and commercial buildings are in some way associated with government agencies and our tax dollars. I always felt to better rid our communities of many blighted dwellings and commercial property the owners of such property should be made public. An example would be property owned by an LLC and property that gives the name of a law firm. They should be forced to name the owner and not set up a private wall to prevent their identity.

  • rosy gallica

    so who owns this blight on the south side of 25A///P1010319.JPG

  • John J. Malone

    Now lets see if the Town of Huntington Administration has the Guts to do something about these properties.

  • Liquor License Man

    Area resident you are pretty humorous. Force others to disclose who they are but post your comment under an alias. Only in America

  • Area resident

    I’m not in the business of tearing down neighborhoods for profit “liquor license man”.That wouldn’t be an alias of yours would it LOL.Oh the hypocrisy !

  • Mike

    Justin –
    I suggest you check public records more carefully before making accusations, as the gas station is not owned by Suffolk County Water (their parcel is across the street (west side). Further, last week you showed a crumbling house on Creek Road; that house is owned by a family, not the Town of Huntington. The Town property is next door.

  • Dave

    I know it is fun to be scandalous, but isn’t the reason for Suffolk Cnty Water Auth’s ownership of this former service station due to leakage of fossil fuels into the ground…? Didn’t the EPA put a halt to plans for a restaurant due to this fact and subsequently the land was sold to the Auth because it’s impossible to build due to the tight regulations? Kind of par for the course these days.

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