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The Best Is Yet To Come

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9 comments to The Best Is Yet To Come

  • ......and louise

    Why did Berland and Edwards orchestrate the firing of Thelma Neira?

  • becasue

    She is 55 and wanted to retire, she got her pension, then move in Thomas Glascock who has already proved his loyalty to the regime. That’s why. $140,000.00 starting salary and all the other perks of getting fed (in violation of ethics) legal work from the EDC. What does the EDC do now anyways? Maybe they need to be eliminated off the town budget since the head of the EDC’s only accomplishment over the last 7 years is writing a book about O’Heaka castle.

  • citizens dont care

    sounds fishy to me. Anything with Berland smells fishy.

  • Conflict of Interest

    Not just the EDC, but the newly formed LDC too. Suspiciously, Berland serves as the secretary and treasurer of this corporation!

    Tom Glascock, the LDC’s general counsel, said the group was established in February 2010 to promote economic development at no cost to taxpayers. In the case of helping DDI receive tax-exempt funding, “the Town of Huntington and its residents yield the benefit of being able to see the project that’s being financed happen, when it may not have otherwise happened if [DDI] had to go through taxable financing,” Glascock said.

    Councilwoman Susan Berland called the LDC’s financing function “a great tool to have available to not-for-profits.” Berland, who serves as secretary and treasurer of the corporation, said the bond will enable DDI to build dormitories for students to live near their school.

  • citizens dont care

    Does Berland get money for that?

    Does she submit her milege to them or the Town as
    she does every time she leave her driveway? If she submits to go to a wake she must here.

    Whats the connection with this guy and Mangano? Dee Thompson?

  • Area resident

    140,000 dollars ???
    No town official should make that much money. Not even the supervisor. Look for a lot of shady manuevors while the town is controlled by democrats. You can also forget about any higher authority looking at things because they are just as corrupt.

  • citizens dont care

    Look at their campaign accounts as well.

    When the average citizen gives to a campaign- say friends of X – dont you think they think the money is for the campaign.

    They arent. They are piggy banks for the pigs. Why should a campaign account pay someones car lease?

    And because of the republican leaders incompetence the dems are and will be in control a long time.

  • faithful

    The incompetence does not fall on the Republican leaders in town it falls on a group of individuals who, feel wants in it for me. These so called Republicans are aligned with Frank Petrone. If these Republicans had followed their party Petrone and his cabal would be gone now.Look at how close elections have been over the last few years. Thats because some Republicans are in name only. Two examples:
    Paul Tonna
    Ken Christiansen

    They both profitted from deals with democrats and turned on their fellow Republicans.

  • pants on fire

    100 % wrong.

    Tepe is a joke as she was in Albany and as Supe. She lost the election because of her choices. Tonna and Christiansen had nothing to do with that. HAd she chosen a Republican there would have been no primary and Frank would be out. She chose a non party candidate and a complete dope.A HS grad who cant read to run a 160 million dollar operation.

    Talk about rinos look at flanagan and chad

    Crook is not a r thank god and neither is Gunther.

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