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Town Board Approves Huntington Station Housing Development and Hotel Rezoning

Town Council members

Town Council members

The Huntington Town Board, at its February 4 meeting, approved four measures aimed at furthering proposals for Huntington Station revitalization, advancing the Columbia Terrace affordable housing development and allowing for the possibility of a hotel across the street, as has been suggested by the Huntington Station master developer.

For Columbia Terrace, the Board approved the allocation of $2 million from the Town’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund as part of the construction cost of the 14 units (eight two-bedroom, six one-bedroom). The remainder of the construction funding is expected to come from a $1.5 million state grant. Proceeds from the sale of the units will be used to replenish the Trust Fund.

The Board also approved rezoning the property across the street from Columbia Terrace to include it in the Huntington Station overlay district, and then, in a separate resolution, added the option of a special use permit for hotels in the overlay district, with the provision that the Town Board would have to approve the permit. Renaissance Downtowns, the Town’s master developer for Huntington Station, has noted that one of the more popular community suggestions about potential projects was a boutique hotel for the site, which is now a municipal parking lot.

Finally, the Town approved an amendment to the agreement between the Town and Renaissance Downtowns requiring finalization of a Community Benefits Agreement before the site plan will be approved for any Renaissance project. Previously, the completion of a Community Benefits Agreement before construction was considered a goal and not a requirement.

“Individually, any one of these measures would be significant. Taken together, they add even more excitement to Huntington Station’s revitalization, which has seen several major advances in the past year,” Supervisor Frank P. Petrone said.

In other action, the Board:

— after holding a public hearing earlier in the meeting, amended the Town zoning code to tighten proof of ownership requirements for residences that have accessory apartments to ensure that they are owner-occupied.

— set a public hearing for 2 p.m. March 4 on proposed changes in parking fees, hours and fines to implement recommendations in a parking study commissioned by a consortium that included the Town, the Huntington Village Business Improvement District, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce and the Paramount Theater.

— approved allowing the group Cow Harbor Warriors to use Crab Meadow Beach for its four-mile warrior run, various water sports and a sunset clam bake on September 6, as part of the group’s Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend, September 5-7. The group, which aims to help those wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, will invite local and tri-state wounded veterans, their families and community members to a weekend of recreation, celebration and appreciation.

— scheduled a March 4 public hearing on a proposal to acquire a small piece of property now owned by the Greenlawn Water District to expand Phragmites Park in Centerport.



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9 comments to Town Board Approves Huntington Station Housing Development and Hotel Rezoning

  • A boutique Hotel at the Huntington Train Station! Let’s see.
    If I want a prostitute for the evening, or a short stay, and if I want to have a nice new opium den right up the street…….
    Well, then, I guess a Boutique Hotel at the Huntington Train Station is a win-win situation.

  • Carl LaFong

    Either way, the developers will make out. It’ll be section 8 apts, or a warehouse senior center within 2 years.

  • civics lesson

    another win for the GHCG
    dont miss the meeting tomorrow night there will be plenty of (empty) seats.
    50-50 should pay 10 bucks after commissions.
    And get your nominations in for their annual award dinner. This year the event is in Cooks garage. (its nice four bays heating apt )nominations this year open to all past US presidents
    free copies of the Huntingtonian- their election issue is great. Kinda like the Broncos. Or a Dr Phil re run.

  • No more housing in SD # 3

    If this development happens and a “Boutique Hotel” opens up next to a train station and pawn shop, then there should be NO PROBLEM with stuffing some housing in other areas of Huntington, like Melville, Ruland Rd. STOP dumping in school district #3! ENOUGH!

  • Huntington tax payer

    Hey voters you get what you ask for Here comes Queens NY with more down zoning.i should have said voters that did not vote?Very sad

  • citizens dont care

    Nobody cares. Nobody votes. You think we would have Berland on the Board if people cared.

  • Agree with posts

    I agree with the posts. If they let us vote online as many of us work long hours in NYC or are on the road, and our spouses are chasing after kids, it’s hard to make the vote. Online voting would help. We are also outvoted by 20 people living in a one bedroom.

    • citizens dont care

      Proves my point. Poles are 6 am to 9 pm and there are absentee ballots.

      And the 20 people theory. They cant and dont vote.
      Its losers like you who are the 75% who are too stupid and too lazy.

      Thats why we are where we are and have the likes of dopes like berland and cook on the Board.

      Hard to make the vote- youre a joke.

  • Area resident

    You still see hundreds of men milling about the Huntington Station area looking for work or just hanging out. It’s disgusting. The closure of the day labor site has not made the men move very far. They gather along New York avenue especially where it meets Depot road. They hang out at the closed up Getty station which looks more and more ghetto everyday. No wonder Huntington is the heroin capital of Suffolk County. Drug dealers and gangs galore. Illegal and unsafe housing is thrust on these poor immigrants legal and illegal. Large groups of men gather at the CVS drug store and linger in the parking lots. This is a failure of all levels of government. With over 92 million Americans out of work this country is in a downward spiral fast.

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