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Avalon Arctic Circle Affordable Cave Condos


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23 comments to Avalon Arctic Circle Affordable Cave Condos

  • Wundaboy

    Oh, puleese. Will you ever get over your obsessive war with the “demo” party? I’t’s OVER.

  • It's never over

    People are tired of politics and only 22% of voting age public votes.
    High density housing is a great cause for concern in Huntington and elsewhere. The developers and their allies who are affordable housing zealots (progressive democrats), builders/contractors,immigration activists,politicians from both parties who see campaign funds come from these groups, Democrat party leaders who see more voter registration in higher density projects,etc see big dollars and more power from these developments. The citizens get shafted because our government services require higher taxes to accommodate the higher population. Not to mention higher,traffic,noise and waste pollution,crime,loss of suburban setting etc.
    We need more politicians like they have in other parts of the country where they have the same problem and are fighting to stop and change it.

  • Wundaboy

    Sorry, it IS over. Its really all about race and poverty. You may want to move to Saratoga Springs, Utah(?) where you can support the candidate in the video you supplied. Good luck living there! People who vote in Huntington are not tired and we had very good election results with a person of color now on our board and a REPUBLICAN Highway Superintendent. Hopefully the next four years will bring greater success in social issues and housing for our workforce, seniors and young people, and continued success in the revitalization of Huntington Station.

    • citizens dont care

      Gunther is not a Republican

      • Wundaboy

        So, what is his party registration? He was endorsed by the Republicans, Conservatives and Independence party. Point is, he’s not a Democrat.

        • wha?

          A “person of color”. wtf? Tracey hasn’t exactly show anything different or overwhelming great. She fits right in with the other Dems and locks step on whatever they want. But you are focused on here being here because she is “a person of color”? Is that the only reason Glenda was elected too? Your true colors are showing Wunda. Content of character is more important than color of skin. Her choice of Legislative aide is very telling.

          • Wundaboy

            Hey, @wha: Tracey Edwards is your worst nightmare. She is both a person of color and competent. P.S. You should re-read the ignorant crap you write before you hit the “send” button.

          • Dearest Blunderboy

            Her color has nothing to do with being a nightmare. Her lock step with the Democratic machine is. Also her choice of Legislative Aid which apparently drove bamboo sticks under your fingernails based on your knee jerk reaction. You are the only one focus on “color of skin” here.

  • Pierce

    What does race and poverty have to do with anything. Are you implying everyone is a racist who disagrees with so called “progressives”? Sorry that’s the tired argument.

    The question is do the people of Huntington want to maintain a suburban community with great schools, great beaches, great downtown and a small town feel (relatively speaking), or do they want to live in an extension of Queens NYC (Lousy beaches, lousy traffic, lousy downtown, and big government Queens politicians).

    I though our parents moved east to get away from that?

    • Wundaboy

      Sorry your fantasy to continue your parents “white flight” from Queens is over and yes that is what is about. It is important for all our residents, black, white, latino, etc. to have a decent place to live and fair wages to support their families. As you know, without projects like Avalon, those folks could not afford to live here.

      • wha?

        white flight? Reverse racism much? You think people “of color” and minorities can afford Avalon? Most of the white folk cant afford it either you dingbat racist. White guilt much Wunda? Those of us that don’t have to insert race into an argument get accused of being racist and clearly the shoe in of the left foot.

  • Pierce

    Wundaboy, you see racism in your cereal everyday. A real bean counter. I feel sorry for you. You and only you know what’s best for the masses right? Your comment on “white flight” is very revealing and wrong. So all opposition is about race? What evidence do you have to support that. Our school districts/housing are already throughly intergrated. Huntington unlike other L.I. communties has for decades always had a vibrant minority community. It don’t know what your talking about.

    In addition, Your economic utopia fantasy will never come try. It’s been tried thoughout the ages. Remember the problem with left wing economics is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

    • Wundaboy

      Pierce: No need to feel sorry for me. The Bush administration had no problem finding the TRILLIONS of dollars for the unecessry and poorly prosecuted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For a FRACTION of that amount we could easily have universal health care, better education programs and job training for our youth and unemployed. Yeah, thats’economic utopia, right? If you can’t open your heart, at least open your eyes.

  • socialism sucks

    wundaloser is one of those left wing liberals who dislike people who are not democrat and won’t adhere to party line

    racism thrown out in the way wundagirl did shows he/she is intolerant of others

    the plight of the middleclass blacks latinos whites asians is hurting we all want a suburb but the white liberal progressives are aligned with developers to give us their socialist utopia in high density housing

    I know a lot of elite liberals and they live in incorporated villages to keep out the rift raft like the middleclass mentioned above

    Next time wunnaboy/girl you use racism to slander your political and housing opponents look in the mirror and look at the real racist

    problem with that

  • Wundaboy

    @socialism sucks: That rant of yours was childish and made no sense. I couldn’t dignify it by responding. FYI, I’m a Republican, Vietnam War veteran.

  • urban

    I am reading lots of anger in the comments. It is a beautiful day between winter storms and the only thing that bothers me today is Norm can’t spell ARCTIC correctly. Anybody seen a lost polar bear?

  • Snow Berl

    Anyone know the status of Berlands adopt a hydrant program?

  • Area resident

    I see where Berland and Cuthbertson and Petrone got rid of Thelma Neira. They brought in a political hack at the tune of 150,000 dollars a year plus benies.

    Pays to be friends of Frank. Thelma was a public servant never a Petrone crony. Shows how dems can give u the shaft along with the public.

    • Wundaboy

      @area resident: Care to inform us how you know this information and who she was replaced by? Assistant town attorneys are not “regular” civil servants. I believe they are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the town board. Now you seem to believe that Ms. Neira “got the shaft” by Mr. Petrone and Mr. Cuthbertson; please elaborate and support your allegations with some facts. Thank you.

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