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Town of Huntington Holds Avalon Bay Lottery

Avalon Bay Lottery held on January 7 at Huntington Town Hall.

Avalon Bay Lottery was held on January 7 at Huntington Town Hall.

As applicants watched in enthusiastic anticipation at the Town Board meeting room on January 7, Huntington Town Council Members Mark Cuthbertson and Susan A. Berland pulled  names from a drum to determine the order in which persons will be offered an opportunity to rent one of the units at the almost-completed Avalon Huntington Station development.

A total of 488 applications were submitted for the 43 units–nine three-bedroom, 20 two-bedroom, and 14 one-bedroom–that are among the 303 rentals in the community, located on East Fifth Street in Huntington Station. The remaining units will be rented at market rate.

Council Members Cuthbertson and Berland each offered encouragement to the approximately 300 people in the audience, welcoming them to a project that has been touted as “the latest step to near completion in Huntington Station’s revitalization.” The Town required the units as part of the agreement in which Avalon Bay Communities was granted increased density for the project, which also will include 64 for-sale residences.

The lottery was held under the auspices of the Town’s Community Development Agency and the Long island Housing Partnership, which will administer the affordable program. The Housing Partnership will screen applicants, conducting background and credit checks, and match applicants’ needs with available space.

At the beginning of the evening, Housing Partnership president and CEO Peter Elkowitz went over the details of the lottery and Matthew Whelan, senior vice president for development at Avalon Bay Communities, spoke about the timetable for completing the project, including opening the clubhouse later this month.


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