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Supervisor Petrone Outlines His Agenda at Inaugural Ceremony

January 5, 2014 Inaugural CeremonyHuntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone took the oath of office for a record sixth time January 6 and in an address outlined an agenda for the next for years that brings to fruition projects that implement his long-term vision for the Town.

Supervisor Petrone’s speech came before an audience of more than 500 people at Elwood/John H. Glenn High School at a ceremony that also saw Town Council Members Mark Cuthbertson and Tracey A. Edwards and Highway Superintendent Peter S. Gunther take their oaths and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Steve Israel make congratulatory remarks.

“Four years from now, I would like to look back at this term as the one that brought home the vision I have had for the Town over the past 20 years,” Supervisor Petrone said. He went on to list specific accomplishments he would like to see with respect to Huntington Station revitalization; further development of the route 110 Corridor in Melville; parking in Huntington village; parks improvements; a satisfactory resolution of the LIPA tax assessment suit; and an expansion of housing options for families, young persons and seniors.

“But most important,” he continued, “ four years from now I want to look back at a term in which cooperation was the hallmark of this Town Board, as everyone works together to achieve our common goal of providing the best, most effective government for our residents.”

Noting the different skill sets of his Town Board colleagues, the Supervisor detailed specific areas, based on their particular backgrounds, in which he asked each of them to work with him.

He asked Councilwoman Edwards to work with him on human resources and training issues in Town government, as well as working with Suffolk County and private industry to identify jobs for Huntington residents and help them identify training opportunities.

He asked Councilman Cuthbertson to be the point person on economic development and technical improvement issues in the town, to continue shepherding the Melville Master Plan to fruition and to work with the commercial real estate industry to help repurpose vacant and underutilized buildings in the Route 110 Corridor.

He asked Councilman Eugene Cook to work with him on maximizing resources and services between the Highway and General Services Departments.

He asked Councilwoman Susan A. Berland to spearhead a thorough review and revision of Town Code, focusing on quality of life concerns.

“I have enjoyed every one of the past 20 years that I have served as Supervisor of this great Town,” Supervisor Petrone concluded. “I asked voters to allow me to serve a sixth term because I wanted to complete the unfinished business, bringing to fruition projects that have been my dreams for so many years. I look forward over the next four years to moving ahead together with my colleagues on the Town Board, my fellow elected officials in the Town and in County, state and federal government and most importantly, with all of you, the residents of Huntington.”

In his remarks, Councilman Cuthbertson, the senior member of the Town Council, said “We must continue to recognize that we are coming out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and continue or efforts to deliver the most cost effective and efficient government. ..I want us to continue to do what we do best. The things that we do best are as follows: we build civic and athletic facilities, we acquire great open spaces and parks, we regulate our quality of life and waterways, we pave roads and pick up garbage, we help promote economic development and affordable housing and we provide information about the services that we have at Town Hall. Those are things that we have done well and should continue to focus on, even if they are controversial.”

Councilwoman Edwards, the newest member of the Town Council, cited accessibility and employment as two of her priorities. She said he planned to establish “civic Saturdays… so I can come out to the communities and hear what’s on your mind so that you could shape me into a better councilperson.” In the area of employment, she said, “Employment lifts up individuals, families and communities, I think we can create more partnerships with our educational institutions labor and businesses so we to build the bridge and close he gaps so that we have trained people available for new technology, traditional jobs and green jobs.”

Highway Superintendent Gunther, in his remarks, noted the support he had received from the Supervisor and Town Departments during the recent snow storm and called for continued cooperation to help achieve efficiencies and savings.

Sen. Schumer told the audience, “I know how hard these people work for you. And you need it, because the quality of life is outstanding. Elected officials have to be vigilant to keep it that way, and they will. These four truly will….[they are] people who care about their community and their fellow citizens.”

The ceremony included participation by all of the Town fire departments, American Legion and VFW Posts and veterans groups, as well as performances by the Spanish Choir from St. Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church and the Elwood/John H. Glenn High School Honors Ensemble.



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9 comments to Supervisor Petrone Outlines His Agenda at Inaugural Ceremony

  • what did Steve Israel say

    did he say Obamacare is really taking off now

    I hope I run against Gomez again and not Labate

    I know I’m Pelosi’s puppet but someone’s got to do it

    the money I took for my previous campaigns came from convicted felons like the arms dealer thrown into prison after a federal judge ruled he was a danger to our national security – hey we all do it money is money

    I’m sorry Obama has thrown the nation of Israel under the bus many times but hey the guy really does love those Iranian Islamists

    My love for Huntington and supervisor Petrone is strong so lets build more high density housing and bring in more democrats er I mean people

    I love being single again

    My next gig may be to bump chuckie schumer

    • wundaboy

      Steve Israel is a huge supporter of veterans(including me). Your comments are mean-spirited and ignorant. Mr. Labate and Mr. Gomez are not in Steve Israel’s league and are history.\

      • Blundaboy

        It’s true about not being in Stevie’s league. Neither cheated on their spouses like he did.

      • pelosi's puppet

        hey wundaboy Steve Israel is an arrogant opportunist who uses vets and elderly for good photo ops

        If Steve was so pro military why would he support Obama on everything including cutting back benefits to vets to give aide to illegal aliens

        And wundaboy you and your media ilk can ignore the facts but poster was right Steve Israel did indeed take campaign funds from a person who was convicted for a major felony and deemed by the judge to be a huge national security risk to the USA-a convicted arms dealer-

        I wonder why Steve never acknowledged about doing so-I guess money does matter most in politics

  • einstein

    Why is crook smiling?

  • Please answer with honesty

    Mr. Cuthbertson, where do you plan to promote economic and affordable housing?

  • Rocket88

    The biggest hold backs of business development and employment opportunities in Huntington are outragious commercial and residential taxes and over regulation. No good business idea in Huntington goes unpunished. Why would anyone want to start a business and expect to succeed when every government and school agency have their hands in your pocket. With license fee’s , violation tickets of all sorts, expensive regulations, RE taxes, general cost to support labor and costs for just being on LI. It’s a business killer and there’s no forseeable let up.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Our governor wants Real estate taxes to be reduced,what is these group going to do to make this happen.???

  • scam scam flim flam man

    Heard flim flam man gave introduction at the democrats inauguration old Kenny boy Christensen. A rino aligned with liberal democrats and housing advocate zealots for more higher density housing in Huntington.
    “Brings in more outside democrat voters” thanks Kenny.

    Maybe time to live in Smithtown which at least values and enforces their zoning laws.

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