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Happy New Year

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5 comments to Happy New Year

  • Blame belongs to RINOS

    To many Republicans in name only in this town. These misfits would rather support left wing democrats for higher density housing and the breakup of single-family housing as long as they can profit from it or derive power from it.Many rinos get paid by working closely with Frank Petrone. Many have ties to the Chamber of Commerce. Our town has been in this decline since the early 1990’s when single-family houses could be broken down into two dwellings.Many rinos and others like elitist liberal dems went into the landlord business gobbling up single family houses and turning them into boarding houses. In Huntington there are many single-family houses that have upwards of 6 different families living in the same single-family house.Yet this house and others like it are taxed as a single-family. So look who gets screwed the average taxpayer.

    • wundaboy

      Great election results that will guarantee continued progress for Huntington town. Expect good work from Tracy Edwards and Peter Gunther. Frank will have a field day in his last term to complete his vision for Huntington. While Mr. Gunther is a good man, we are hopefully we can work to eliminate the unecesary elected Highway Superintendent and replace him with one appointed by the board.

  • einstein

    blah blah blah

    the biggest rinos are your friends

    tepe the raias little chad etcetcetc

    pubs would have won with a real ticket, But Tepe
    whose hubby works for frank did not want to win.

    its over dope there is now only one party in huntington.

  • wtf

    a real ticket like Petrone’s Republicans

    who said money isn’t everything LOL

    Greed corruption win out every time way to go Frankie

    In Huntington the bad always beat the good

  • Inevitable, but...

    Do we really want town hall co-mingling highway money? Not sure where the advantage to the tax payer is? Are we to now eliminate Pete Gunther’s job? Will he get a double pension just for the few short hours he held the position? If the town needs to manipulate that money to keep the bond rating, will we be left with unplowed roads?

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