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Huntington’s Abominable Snowman

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7 comments to Huntington’s Abominable Snowman

  • Citizens Don't Care

    The dems rule “not govern” the town. Dems an Rep voters are almost evenly split but dems have an advantage, they play dirty and for keeps. The LIPA tax petition fraud and assassinating the character of their opponents work every time. Most voters turned off by campaigns and politicians and they no longer care. Let the building begin Frankie the citizens who did not vote and those who voted for you deserve you.

  • Save Huntington

    Save Huntington

    December 28, 2013
    ‘Front Men’ For Developers?

    Just taking a look at Vision Long Island’s board of directors and you would think that you are looking at a ‘who’s who’ in the real estate development world.

    Why do they seem so interested in providing so called ‘affordable’ housing to people? Altruism? No, it’s because downzoning for high density housing is good for business.

    Here are some of the professions that seem to benefit from ‘helping’ others:

    Lawyers – make boatloads of money from developers and municipal governments who outsource all their dirty work in a downzone application.

    Politicians – get lots of votes from left wing liberals, Democrats, gullible young voters who think they’re going to get cheap housing and they get lots of money from developers.

    ‘Do-Gooders’ – groups like Vision Long Island, Huntington Township Housing Coalition, LI CAN stick their noses in other people’s neighborhoods because they really are marxists.

    Now, let’s take a more detailed look at a few of Vision Long Island’s directors and you can decide for yourself if some people may have a ‘not so hidden’ agenda:

    Keith Archer, Harras Bloom & Archer

    Robert Fonti, Vincent James Management

    Matthew Frank, MDF Development

    Richard Koubek, Jobs With Justice and Huntington Township Housing Coalition

    Bill Tuyn, Greenman-Pedersen

    See the pattern? Developers, do-gooders, redistributionists, busy bodies – you name it, they’re here in this wonderful organization that is trying (and succeeding) to remake Long Island.

    Where’s a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights when you need one?

  • einstein

    Its Over

    There is one party rule in Huntington.
    Due to the leadership. Tepe has destroyed the party. Her choice of the asphalt salesman for supe was the end. Not a pub not a leader He cant read
    Pubs cud have won

    4-0 now 5-0 in two years

    Get rid of tepe creegan et al

  • Blame belongs to RINOS

    Ever since Tepe became Republican town leader she has had the old boys network against her.
    If only they would have supported her but they rather would have dems controlling the town and having Petrone throw some of them a bone.”Taxpayers expense”

  • Blame the RINOS lol

    Blame belongs to Tepe herself. Husband has a nice no show job at the Town. She runs weak no name candidates so that the Dems stay in power. Tepe personally cost Liz Black the election by giving Black no support. Black only lost by 346 votes. Tepe wants the Dems in power. Tepe ran no candidate for the South Huntington Water District and was given $11,000 no show job by OTB. Follow the money.

  • The queen of rinos

    sitting at the Town Inauguaration today.

    no republicans on the Board
    no supervisor
    no highway
    no legislators

    Good job Toni. How much money you got in the bank?

    Hey you like term limits so much how about for Town Leaders?

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