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Thank You from Santa

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3 comments to Thank You from Santa

  • Sans

    Oh Santa you are so so right. The biggest loser this past year is the Huntington resident who owns a home here and lives in it. LIPA will most likely win their suit against the town something the democrats did not want you to know.The democrats won the election by winning Northport but the signs are their taxes will be rising and for everyone. The dems did not want to bargain in good faith only the Republicans. The dems had a political advantage for them in making it appear they were fighting for the taxpayers when in reality they were getting political advantage by hook and by crook. Now the deal for a compromise supported by Republicans which would have made the tax rise bearable no longer exists. The taxes will now be extremely higher.

  • Gino

    Oh please, the election is over; the people spoke. Let it go.

  • @Gino

    The people spoke? Which ones? The ones that are sucking the tax payers dry? Let’s not forget how close the election was Gino.

    36,000 people voted in a town with 220,000 people. About 18,003 town connected democrats who benefit in some way shape or form voted for their dinner, jobs and pensions and about 18,000 voted for sanity, honestly and integrity. The later lost by a c-hair.

    But you keep telling yourself how everyone loves the democrats while Frankie boy is still trying to get the poop stains out of his underwear from election night.

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