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It Is Now “Post” Time

It is now post time - photo

Waste Watchers: Cutting the Fat from the Government ”Waste” Line

Wasteful spending and general goofing off are not reserved to the Federal government.  We have plenty of that in Huntington, too.

Take the Town employee who was having trouble with his residential mail delivery and decided that the appropriate time to seek USPS help was shortly after beginning his TOH shift on Thursday morning.

Parking his Town issued pick-up truck (NYS license # L76540) in front of the Post Office on Gerard Street, the unnamed worker left the engine idling – a terrific waste of gasoline and clear contributor to greenhouse gasses – and left his co-worker sipping coffee in the front passenger seat  – while he spent nearly 30 minutes arranging for the re-delivery of his household mail.

Surely, we all have personal business to attend to during the workweek.  But isn’t that what a lunch hour allows us to do?  If a shift ends at 4:00PM and the Post Office closes at 5:00PM, doesn’t the hour give us enough time to get mail redirected?

Village Tattler’s estimate of the taxpayer cost for this USPS trip is close to $100.

What do YOU think?

Waste Watchers is an ongoing effort to trim the waste in Town government.  If you see something, photograph it or tell us about it.  Write to “”


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24 comments to It Is Now “Post” Time

  • Patriot

    I think your a lib democrat…and you have too much time on your hands

  • Me

    ^Obviously a reply from the Town Employee. BTW – this article is probably written by a fiscally conservative Teabagger with too much time on their hands.

  • Me

    PLUS Town worker could’ve done all that change of address online. But he’s a big dum dum who doesn’t know how to use a ‘puter. Also, his coworker is a bigger dum dum for not turning off the ignition after say 5 minutes. That $100 should be taken out of their bloated paychecks and redistributed to us taxpayers, I don’t care if it’s .0005 cents.

  • rosy gallica

    Hey Me, you wouldn’t want the passenger to get cold would U??? lol

  • Bob

    Teabagger is an offensive term and should not be allowed on this website

  • truth detector

    How do you know what the employee was doing ie household mail problem? Did you talk to the employee? Bit of a witch hunt if u ask me.

  • Huh???

    Sounds like a sour grapes reaction to loosing an election…..

  • There's a method....

    Just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Good work, Justin! This is, as “there’s a method” says, “just the tip of the iceberg. If the people of the Town of Huntington would take a little time out of their “oh-so-busy” day and document this type of abuse, maybe the folks at the top would take notice and figure they might be next.

  • My Town Too

    It shouldn’t matter what political side you are on, waste is waste, correct?

    My favorite, seen almost everyday, are the guys who obviously have nothing to do for the last half hour of their shift, and at 2:30pm or so, park their trucks on Locust Ct before driving into the Oakwood Rd facility to punch out at 3:00. Why don’t they do us a favor and clean up the town-owned edge of the woods there – get rid of rotten downed trees and brush? Make good use of their time?

    One other favorite over the years is watching a crew of men decorating the Village Green tree for Christmas each year! How many men does it take to do this job? And for two weeks? Come on guys!

  • BO


    My questions

    Why do part time councilmen(women) need two full time employees each?

    Why doe the Supervisor need all the people he has? A corp CEO at the level of the Town would have FAR less?

    Why do part time councilmen(women) get full time benefits?

    Why does the councilwoman get mileage reimbursement for all of her political self promoting event attendance, ribbon cutting and wake attendance?

    Why do we need a FT PR guy at 110k plus per year plus benes?

    What does Bob Fonti do anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, the election is over; you lost. Let’s all move on.

    • Anon…..We are moving on. We’re trying to stop the massive hemoraging of our Town tax remittances.If we are going to be taxed at more than double the National average, then it stands to reason that we should be getting a bigger bang for our buck. There is a malignant culture of superiority in this Town government that needs to be called out and reeled in. As for the election, we’re working on that.

      • BO

        What are you working on? Cook ran off to France right after the election. He knows he is done. No really- done.

        • Bo….Gene just needs to take a few deep breaths and shke the s__t off. A viable third Party is not out of the question. Anyone interested please e-mail me: – for more info.

          • elections

            Just because the elections are over doesn’t mean all the corruption and waste gets to be swept under the rug.

          • @elections, I apologize for not making myself more clear. Sweeping this past election and its ugl aftermath under the rug is diametrically opposed to every bone in my body. Take your pick, Republican, Democrat, I am thoroughly disgusted with both here in “Petron-ation”. We need a strong, rational voice to set things straight again. A stong third Party would do the trick.

          • BO

            that might be true but run from Cook. He is an empty suit and not so bright.

  • when sh-t hits fan

    now that public has shown a complete disregard to it’s well being in Huntington by either not voting or voting for Petrone and Cuthbertson and believing all their deceptive smearing political ads

    LIPA has a good chance of winning their lawsuit against the town-Petrone and Cuthbertson neglected to tell the public that LIPA’s chances of getting a favorable decision in court is very strong-town has been over assessing LIPA for decades

    but people get what they vote for so look at paying LIPA 250 million dollars and major high density housing around Cold Spring Harbor, Northport, Greenlawn rail road stations

    settling with LIPA for 50 million dollars and to be paid over a ten year span and having the developers/liberals Democrats thrown out of office will now be just the opposite

    say high to much higher taxes and urbanization full speed ahead

    STOP LIPA TAX HIKE-the most fraudulent scam ever perpetrated by public officials to get re elected

    and they did with a partisan judge (a democrat)

  • Same Old, Same Old

    The sad mandate of the voters is four more years of wasteful spending, on the job laziness, and useless patronage jobs. Business as usual for Boss Hogg and cronies in Hazardtown. The full time PR guy is the biggest waste. Former Newsday editor with the contacts to spin it around. Didn’t you notice all the favorable biased coverage in Newsday and News 12 in the weeks leading up to the election? Pass the Kool Aid!

  • Jeb Bush

    Franks down here. Saw him this morning at the Buffet.

  • Fonti-HUD LORD

    This guy Bob Fonti is as scheming as they come

    I hear he now is in partnership with people in owning the Long Islander newspaper, so sad.

    Christensen Fonti Cuthbertsen the oligarchs

  • BO

    Hey Justin

    Where did you go?

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