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Huntington Election Results: Petrone Wins

All 178 election districts in the Town of Huntington have made their selections known and the Democrat party, led by incumbent Supervisor Frank Petrone, have emerged victorious with 18,563 votes for Petrone, to Gene Cook’s 17,968.

Incumbent Council Member Mark Cuthburtson led the pack of Town Board contenders with 18,868 votes.  Close on his heals was Democrat Tracy Edwards who, in her second bid for a seat, gathered 18,304 votes.  Councilmember Mark Mayoka, seeking a second term on the Board, posted 17,466 votes while newcomer Josh Price placed fourth with 16,628 votes.

Town Republican Chair Toni Rettaliata, in a mid-evening speech, was quick to point out that the absentee ballots had yet to be counted so the official tally would still be several hours away.

Retired FDNY firefighter and Centerport resident Pete Gunther looks like the winner in the Town’s Highway Superintendent contest.


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12 comments to Huntington Election Results: Petrone Wins

  • sjb

    The word is HEELS not heals, if you are referring to the bottom of one’s feet.

  • Sam Miss

    The mindless drones of Huntington have spoken. OLE

  • I suspected this would happen, when I stopped by library to vote last night before the polls closed, the signature voter book looked empty. If voting was moved to weekend, outcome would have been different

    • Anonymous Republican

      That is total speculation. I suspect if there was weekend voting and your guys lost you would say it was because they changed the voting to the weekend instead of Tuesday. Let’s just deal in reality now and move on and support the candidates the people elected.

  • Gino

    @Sam Miss: And they apparently lost.


    • There's a method....

      How is such vile speech being permitted to stand in what is supposed to be a civilized forum? What happened to that “Report Comment” link, Village Tattler? PETE, go away and don’t come back until you’re sober and have learned some acceptable vocabulary.

      • Mark My Words

        Poor Pete, He was “elected” with massive voter fraud and will now agree to making the Highway Department an APPOINTED one just like they wanted to do last August and Frank will then control the Highway budget and appoint Don Mackay to the position. Explains why his foul mouth is on here posting, he will be in office for 1 week and then tossed to the curb. Sell out.

    • what do ya expect

      Petrone cronies own Long Islander Newspaper

      Petrone and his cronies stole an election

      STOP LIPA TAX HIKE-indicia line

      Election fraud goes before democrat judge who says what fraud-good grief corruption is all around us

  • Mark II

    Wow. Right on the money. No one thinks Gunther can do this job. But there were cross sell outs. Cook was a Naughton supporter until he was told what to say to Tinaris committee. When asked who he was suppporting for HIghway old Bill got thrown in some old asphalt by cook.. Im for Pete!….I thought that maybe that was good for Bill not to be associated with Cook. Until your plan was hatched. Gunther will never be there more than a year. Hopefully Tinari and Cook will follow.

  • where's the censor

    Pete would never say that to our face the spineless coward a typical leftist democrat

    The Village Tattler should remove that post by Pete or they will never get the attention they want and just may lose what they have

  • Wow

    Got an email it showed how corrupt one Republican is

    she had Petrone and Cuthbertson and D’Amaro signs on her property

    this person heads the Sweet Hollow Civic association

    this elitist arrogant snob is a traitor to the party and the voters

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