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Destruction of Political Signage

The Village Tattler found these broken Cook, Mayoka, Price lawn signs on Boxer Court, between the Town of Huntington Highway Department buildings.



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11 comments to Destruction of Political Signage

  • rosy gallica

    Oh well!!!!

  • My Town Too

    Let’s just make sure that all signs are picked up and disposed of immediately!

    Campaigns should be fined for leaving their signs up longer than a week after an election. Whoever put them out should collect and toss them out!

  • rosy gallica

    the signs were still laying on the ground on Boxer Ct yesterday afternoon!

  • rosy gallica

    In addition there were still too many signs hanging around the roads yesterday.

  • The Republican Party

    Where dreams go to die.

  • Guys and Dolls

    Remember that old song. Seems to fit Park Ave

    The partys over
    Its time to call it a day
    no matter how you pretend
    you knew it would end this way.

    Its time to wind up
    the masquerade
    just make your time up
    the partys over

    its all over
    my friend.

    And thanks for the memory Toni Larry David
    Sen Flanagan ……..

    All over….

  • what do ya expect

    Petrone cronies own Long Islander Newspaper

    Petrone and his cronies stole an election

    STOP LIPA TAX HIKE-indicia line

    Election fraud goes before democrat judge who says what fraud-good grief corruption is all around us

  • BO


    Jim Kelley is far from a Petrone cronie.

    No election was stolen. Cook was a bad candidate.

    No election fraud. Incompetent Republican leadership. Lost everything. And bet the farm on
    Cook- not a republican- a high school grad who cant read.

    Pubs could have should have won.

  • get rid of the rinos

    ask the guy who his partners are

    I hear one is Frank crony Bob Fonti

    and the only letter to the editor before election was by the corrupt plumbing contractor/ex councilman Ken Christensen

    who never met a developer and builder he didn’t like

    no the LONG ISLANDER gets unsunscribed-it’s become the dems and rinos mouth piece

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