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The Eve of Elections

A voters version of “The Night Before Christmas”

‘Twas the eve of elections

And all thru the Town

The voters were itchin’

To hand out the crown


The polls were just setting

A-waitin’ to see

Who’d soon be a-sittin’

At the top of the tree


Patrone and his henchmen

Pulled out all the stops

But Cook and his cronies

Gave up not a spot


A seat on the Town Board

Was the prize that they sought

And the battles to get there

Were mightily fought


The Dems ads were vicious

With low-blow attacks

They addressed not the issues

Just sent smears and smacks


The Republican’s ads

Were really as shameful

‘Cause they took to calling

The other guys blameful


The issues were many

From taxes to houses

They included congestion

And jobs for the spouses


First there was Tracy;

Josh close at her rear

And then little Markie

With Mayoka quite near


But the really BIG prize

The one to be owned

Was the battle royale

‘Tween Cook and Petrone


Frankie seemed nervous

During all the debates

While Gene appeared clueless

And stuck in the gate


But the townsfolk were tired

“No more back room deals”

And it looked like there might be

A change at the wheel


Tuesday will tell us

Who’ll lead the parade

In two thousand thirteen

There’ll be no charade


Make sure you are counted

In Tuesday’s big polls

No matter your preference

Your vote the bell tolls.

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7 comments to The Eve of Elections

  • BO

    Youre right about Clueless.

  • Sans

    You are absolutely right

    Petrone and his henchmen

    Definition of henchmen-most often used specifically to a hired guard or minion of a villain or master criminal.

    That makes Petrone a villain or master criminal.

    yep That sounds exactly right.

  • Ace

    He changed party lines back then. How do you change party lines? I vote a particular way because of the principals I believe in.
    You lost my vote.
    My town is too crowded
    My schools are too crowded
    You didn’t get the memo: No high density housing
    Illegal apartments – I’ll stop here.
    This should not be a career job
    Why do you think the Presidency has a 4 year term?
    Time for a change.
    Vote the next guy in. He’ll clean house.
    Oh – job security – that’s what everyone is afraid of. I get it.
    Wake up people.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Cook is for term limits this is what patrone fears it’s time for him to go Nuffield said

  • BO

    Cook is full of it.

    Its a stunt. He is not for Term Limits for HIghway, Clerk or Tax Receiver or State guys or congress. Lets see where the republicans stand next year when Flanagan Raia and Marcellino are up.
    How many years do they have in together?

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