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A Call for Cook To End His Supervisor Campaign


Former Legislator Jane Devine at a press conference today to insist that Gene Cook withdraw his

Former Legislator Jane Devine at a press conference today calling for Gene Cook to withdraw.

Former Suffolk County Legislator Jane Devine (Democrat) and others spoke at a press conference today across from Huntington Town Hall. They insisted that Councilman Gene Cook end his campaign for supervisor. Supporters of Cook and Republican candidates also showed up and countered Devine and others. They accused Devine of character assassination.

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26 comments to A Call for Cook To End His Supervisor Campaign

  • Petroned

    Looks as if the Democrats are afraid very very afraid of losing Huntington. They have been sending out hate literature to thousands of citizens character assassinating Cook. This is getting really ugly. Dems will have a lot of explaining to do if anything bad happens to Mr.Cook. I would ask the citizens of this town, is the Democrat party of Huntington whose main leader is Supervisor Petrone (once a conservative Republican and recently tried to switch back) running a dishonest and smear campaign against Mr.Cook and is that what you want from your political leaders ? I think most people no matter what political affiliation would say yes and no.

    • Enough

      I agree the literature against Cook, Mayoka & Price is appalling not to mention insulting to one’s intelligence. It reads verbatum like the Chicago Democratic political playbook we have all witnessed the past several years.

      1) Smear an entire group because you disagree with the other’s position

      2) Attempt to connect your opponent to smeared group (guilt by association)

      3) Hammer them all as extremists. They are radical. And this is obviously no good for anyone.

      All so familiar? You can see why the Petrone Campaign has resorted to this measure of politicking. It worked on the National level so it therefore is a valid strategy. I HOPE NOT HUNTINGTON.

      This election is as local as it gets. It will affect you more than a National or State level campaign. It is literally in your back yard.

      Please ask yourself this: If Petrone had such a wonderful track record of accomplishement after almost 20 years, why couldn’t he highlight those achievements to the voters? Instead all we get is a litany of scare tactics. Included also are some pretty sneaky attempts or bets that the voting public is asleep, busy, or not paying attention. End result is: Status quo continues to stay in power.

      Whatever your politics, dont allow some big mouth bureaucrat with their own personal agenda to stifle your voice. Cook withdraw? Why? For what legitimate reason? Please go away and let the people decide in November what is best. If Cook is soooooo bad, trust that the people will figure it out. I know I dont need you Jane, to tell me what I need to think. I believe there are many more around who would agree with that much.

  • Matt Harris

    I ask Ms. Devine where was she when 3 high profile shootings took place in her former Legislative district of Huntington Station in the spring of 2010 that led to the closing of a public school? Was she as concerned about guns in the community back then too?

  • Having witnessed first hand the committee maneuvers of the Democrats, I am inclined to seriously consider a plan to remove the long standing incumbent Democrats from Huntington politics. The gerry-mandering, manipulation, and deceit far outstrip their right to call themselves representatives of the People of Huntington. Please be careful with your votes next month. One vote for, or against, can make a big difference in the culture of Huntington politics.

  • Huntington Republicans now tea baggers

  • teabaggers?

    You dumbDems putting out these negative campaigns and trying to tie National issues into local ones are hurting yourselves and your candidates. You are making the other Democrats look bad as a whole. STOP!

    You need to switch gears fast befor the damage is done.

  • SWEEP!

    OMG the desperate dems dug out the ancient relics of town hall past for this fiasco! Get a BIG BROOM on Election Day and SWEEP them all out the door!

  • Lisa

    I was present at the debate last evening, October 9, 2013 at the Elwood Middle School.
    Petrone and Cuthbertson were addressed about there unethical “back-door” conferences and Petrone replied, “After we deal with things behind closed doors, we come out with “OPEN GUNS”!!!!!

    Did he say Guns??????????????????
    Is he kidding me?

  • Dr Phil

    The coverage of this in The Huntingtonian is really pathetic. Weiland is being paid by Cook. Besides hoping for a job. And it looks like the Rep slate are their only clients. They are done after this election. And dont be surprised of litigation against them. With new management at the Long Islander they have become the sleazy press.

  • Ackerman's Agenda

    Yeah the Long Islander and Newsday along with Ambro’s Observer are fair and balanced LOL

    Democrats are running the ugliest smear campaign in the history of this town. We are no friends of Republicans but with Democrat tactics resulting in sewer politics I’ll vote Republic just to get a clean slate.

  • Dr Phil

    Long Islander was sold. Woodward. And Ambro did a pretty good job beating up Mrs Berland in 11. And did not endorse her. He endorsed the R. And I dont think any of them get direct checks like the Huntingtonians do.

    No smear just the facts on the Crookster.
    Cant defeat a fact that has and will come out about him. And Facts are not smears- they are facts.

    Are you aware of what smearing of others Mr Cook was involved in 2011?

    And the Huntingtonians- they just need the money.

    • truth detector

      I like the cuthbertson stuff they did. Did you? No other media source would expose that.. the truth hurts sometimes .

      • Cronkite

        Maybe they will cover Cooks work in the Village of Port Washington where Long Islanders ex Schenkler is Trustee and Stu Besen is Village Attorney and where Cook got a contract for work his company does not really do.

        • truth detector

          Did you like the cuthbertson piece phil? Please tell. us. you know the naughty stuff he does with other towns?

        • what town do they work for

          So Besen works as attorney for Village of Port Washington and still gets checks from Huntington OK Cuthbertson gets checks the same way and works for North Hempstead’s Supervisor Jon Kaiman

          And wasn’t Besen arrested for harassing his estranged wife ?

  • Phil's Mother

    Cooks statements were taken out of context. You Petroniacs are making the Democrat party look sick. I’ve gotten more calls asking me about the dems dirty mud slinging than the edited quote by Cook. It’s kinda sad seeing the democrat party descend into the cesspool. And son did you take your meds today Phil ?

  • Huntington Republicans now tea baggers

    Dear Phil’s Mother
    Cook never talks or says anything at a Town Board Meeting he no speak or read English. Cook was asked about ad campaign and quote “this is lika X Factor contestant saying somtin before going on stage” illiterate and dumb

  • Dr Phil

    Hey Mom or Joanne or Bobby

    Its on tape. And he is an embarassment. Not out of context. As always trying to say what the group wants to hear and thats what those baggers wanted to hear. To Tepe hes an R to Kenny an I to Frankie a C to Reagan Club he is a whatever those clowns want. He is an empty suit. Rockin and Rollin on LIPA

  • Huntington tax payer

    It’s time for Patroness to go along with some of the appointed town officals.on the zoning board. cook will make it easy for home owners to get CO s to. Sell their homes

  • Dump Petrone

    Lets take a look at Petrone’s relationship with Developers Builders.Cuthbertson’s relationship with Town of North Hempstead. How many houses does Petrone own, where are they, who built them ?

    Town was audited by state officials at the bequest of Mayoka and Cook. Yet the audit turns out to be only a partial audit. Why ? Did Petrone and Democrats stop a full blown audit ?

    Patronage jobs in the Petrone administration and their salaries are obscene. Example: Petrone crony Mark Capadanno gets 60,000 a year plus bennies to turn on and off lights on ballfields.

    Several town security guards get over 90,000 a year plus bennies.

    Petrone’s deputies and assistants are in 6 figure category.

    Town has more lawyers on payroll than any other town on Long Island yet Petrone still hires outside Democrat law firms for work that town lawyers could handle.

    • Petrone's Fraud

      “We’re appealing on the grounds that the Stop LIPA Tax Hike Party is a fraud. It was created by the Town of Huntington with taxpayer dollars, with petition efforts paid for by the Town of Huntington.”

      Statements from Grant Lally esq representing in the appellate court Walter Long esq who is a Huntington Republican Committeeman.

      I know of people who got these town emails for the stop lipa tax hike petitions after Petrone and Cuthbertson formed their nominating petitions with the same wording and logo. This is fraud.

  • tom wenzel


  • fraud

    got an email yesterday it was a town government issued email
    Only Petrone and Cuthbertson’s names were on it
    it had them thanking people for signing their nominating petition
    Stop The LIPA Tax Hike
    it had a picture of their logo a stop sign shaped object with the wording Stop Lipa Tax Hike on it


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