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No STEM Funding for Huntington School District

IMG_2377The Huntington School District #3 will not be among recipients for a large federal grant for STEM Education. It had sought close $11.6 million over a three-year period. According to Superintendent James Polansky, this does not compromise the STEM program, which began this past September at the re-opened Jack Abrams School. The program will be moving forward without the funding.

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, announced the award of $89.8 million in Magnet School Assistance Program grants 27 school districts in 12 states.

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1 comment to No STEM Funding for Huntington School District

  • John Neminem

    Mr. Polansky is a good man trying to improve a district that has been severely damaged by Petrone’s dumping of low income in Huntington Station. My only very limited criticism of Mr. Polansky is that he was duped by Steve Israel ( a crony friend of Petrone for a photo op). Next time get the money before Congress person Israel gets his photo op.

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