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Letter to the Editor: TOH 2014 Proposed Town Budget

Councilman Mark Mayoka

Councilman Mark Mayoka

Statement from Councilman Mark Mayoka:

The 2014 Preliminary Budget that was distributed yesterday morning calls for a million dollar tax increase and an increase in parking meter fees along with the aggressive enforcement of parking summonses.  Fees and taxes have been indisputably increased and to say there is a net zero tax increase is misleading as there is a 2.2% spending increase.

The 2014 budget is not credible since it was prepared without completion of the 2012 annual certified audit which is a necessary and essential part of preparing an accurate budget.

The 2014 budget is not responsible because it depletes the General Fund Reserves by 1.5 million dollars and in an arbitrary and capricious way it further depletes the Highway Fund Reserves by 2.5 million dollars.

The general fund balance has been reduced to 9.9 million dollars lowering the balance dangerously close to the 9.5 million dollar requirement needed to maintain our triple AAA bond rating.

It is incumbent upon us, as elected officials, to prepare a responsible and accurate budget for the benefit of the residents and the maintenance of our bond rating.

This budget is neither responsible nor accurate and is likely to be frowned upon by the ratings agencies. I question the ethics applied to the current budget and believe the residents deserve better.


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8 comments to Letter to the Editor: TOH 2014 Proposed Town Budget

  • Jacoby and Mayoky

    Well where was your proposal after four years?

    You knew the budget was coming why didnt you have the leadership to present one. Other Councilman in the past have. And you are supposedly a numbers guy. You sit on the sidelines with inane issues and do goody stuff.

    what would you propose? Specifics. You should understand the budget by now. Or did your computer get hacked again so you didnt get to see it.

    Tell us what you would do? Where and what would you cut?

    And where is Cook on this? Where is his proposal? Or is he still out rockin and rollin with his LIPA thoughts?

    • Enough

      What a pathetic and (desparate)reply… what floor in TH do you work on? You would be my first cut – and there would be many more just like you to follow. Nervous? Might this be why you are marking like a dog over this?

  • Deloitte & Touche

    We’ll if they didn’t have to FOIL everything to get everything this process could go a little smoother. Franky baby likes to do everything the last minute, take the maximum time allowable. Just ask AJ.

  • Jacoby and Mayoky


    Mayoky has been there 4 years the budget is online. any moron can see it. and comment.

  • Deloitte & Touche

    That must be why you saw it and I didn’t and don’t sell yourself short, you’re not just any moron, you moron. Your the village moron.

    I am referring to FOILing the everything backing up for everything. Like duh, receipts and stupid stuff like that we accountant type folks like to see. ya know, back up that proves you did what you said. Stuff we have to FOIL.

  • English 101

    Wow .No way you work for Deloitte. THey can speak and write. NA unlike you and Cook went to College.

    But why not answer the question what is Mayoka proposing? And by the way he got spanked by Cregan and Tepe. Go to the Huntingtonian- its now a joint release. So what are Cook and Mayoka proposing?
    Cook is promising everyone a job especially the loses at the Huntingtonian and I party. How will they cut?

    That is or should be an easy question to answer.

  • Petroned

    I saw this on a Huntington website. It really shows how far dems will go to win whether by hook or by crook.

    Petrone’s Fake LIPA Petitions Riddled With Fraud
    Paid NYC Operatives Exposed
    Yaphank, NY – A recent hearing involving Election Law and the Town of Huntington showed that numerous New York City political operatives were paid by the Suffolk County Democratic Committee to collect political party signatures on behalf of Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone and that almost 900 signatures were deemed invalid, many due to fraud.
    Though a Democrat Judge ultimately dismissed a lawsuit aiming to invalidate Democrat Petrone’s “Stop LIPA now” petitions, the evidence showed that:
    The Suffolk County Democratic Committee paid multiple NYC political operatives to collect Huntington residents’ signatures for Petrone’s petition drive. In fact, more than 80% of the signatures collected were done so by non-Huntington residents from Queens, Nassau County and Brookhaven Town. This refutes Petrone’s claim that his petition drive was a local grass-roots effort and shows it was politically contrived by County and City partisans during an election year.
    Approximately 893 of the 2,692 petition signatures that Petrone submitted were disqualified due to fraud, lack of residency or illegibility.
    According to several witnesses under sworn-testimony, individuals collecting signatures on Petrone’s behalf misled residents when asking for their signature; The operatives asked potential signors to sign if “they were against a LIPA tax” rather than if they wanted to join a political party, which is what the Petrone-Cuthbertson-Edwards petition does.
    “It’s yet another example of political trickery by the Petrone-Cuthbertson Administration, done in an attempt to cling onto power,” said Councilman Euguene Cook, candidate for Huntington Supervisor. “If Huntington’s Town Board had Term Limits, its residents wouldn’t be subject to this form of blatant political manipulation.”
    “Frank Petrone and Mark Cuthbertson should send their political operatives back to New York City,” said Councilman Mark Mayoka. “While our opponents are spending countless hours playing politics, the Cook-Mayoka-Price team is focused on providing Huntington residents real solutions regarding property taxes, term limits and transparency.”
    “As I make my first run for public office I am shocked to see the career politicians take yet another step to deceive the voters on an issue that only exists because of their poor management and unending appetite to tax and spend the hard earned money of the taxpayers of Huntington,” said Josh Price, candidate for Huntington Town Council.
    Walter Long, the filer of the suit, intends to bring the ruling to the appellate court. A final decision can be expected within a week.

  • Hate Flyers

    have dems gone loco

    Democrat campaign flyers are soooo negative and hateful

    Petrone was in office twenty years what no accomplishments ?

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