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Special Town Board Meeting this Monday, September 30

 Special Town Board meeting is being held on Monday, September 30 at 9:00 a.m., Town Board Meeting Room, Huntington Town Hall, 100 Main Street, to consider scheduling public hearings on the preliminary operating and capital budgets and on the adoption of the assessment rolls for the Huntington and Centerport Sewer Districts.

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2 comments to Special Town Board Meeting this Monday, September 30

  • Scams R Us

    Supervisor Petrone and Councilman Cuthbertson should talk about their scam on the public with their third party line called Stop Lipa Tax Hike the same name they gave to their on line petitions that they asked the public to sign and was sponsored by the Huntington Town board. Talk about fraud this town is led by unethical democrats and the public better wake up fast.

  • Dr Phil

    How about the ethics of the Independence Party? didnt their leader go to jail? How about the ethics of someone who will say anything to anyone-to get the lines- R C I and even Libertarian? To the R- I was forced to do this. To the C- I didnt really support Bill I love that Pete guy. To the I- I switched parties Im your boy Ken. And I will get Bob that job. To the Libertarians- A man should be free to do wants to do or build like a four car garage with heat and a bar. Someone who says they stand for everything every group wants to hear stands for one thing- their ego.

    So Scam man- and you have had a few of your own- Give us a break. You and you guy are the cons.

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