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Huntington Lighthouse Music Fest 2013


For the 7th year, the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society presents the Lighthouse Music Fest. This event, held each Labor Day weekend is the ONLY Music Festival in the WORLD held on top of a working lighthouse in the middle of the water!. The event has grown to over 7,000 participants attending by yacht, boat, kayak, canoe, inner-tube, or any other mode of water transportation they find to reach the lighthouse! Boaters are drawn from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey! 2013 events throughout this year will all tie into each other and culminate in the Best MusicFest Ever on August 31! – Music begins at 11 am and runs through 8 pm – THERE IS A NO WAKE ZONE FROM 11 AM – 10 PM WITHIN A 1 MILE RADIUS OF THE LIGHTHOUSE – PLEASE NOTE!

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